Hexi or Gas

What do you prefer hexy or gas?

I prefer hexy as its more compact and alot quicker i had a gas stove but left it somewhere as it was crap took about 2 hours to boil.
Shouldn't you be in McDonalds?
Gas, takes 2 hours to boil, try lighting the f***ing thing and you will find it boils a lot quicker. Tw*t.

Hexi is for girls and emergencies only. No-one in their right mind uses hexi other than to feed to pigeons and cadets.
Plus points for hexy:
1/ The CSgt resups you with your rat packs.
2/ It burns very hot and will light when wet.

Minus points for hexy:
1/ It can be smelt a long way away if the wind is right.
2/ The flame can be seen for some distance if used at night (even at the bottom of a trench).
3/ It tars up your mess tins

Plus points for Gas:
1/ Cleaner than hexy - doesn't tar up the mess tins.
2/ The smell isn't as bad as hexy.
3/ It can't be seen so easily if at the bottom of a trench.

Minus points for gas:
1/ It takes ages to boil - especially in a wind.
2/ A cannister of gas doesn't last long.
3/ The CSgt doesn't resup you so you have to carry shed loads of the stuff in your bergen.
5.56mm said:
do you know what exadurating is?
Is that the same as exaggerating? MLAAARRRRR!!!
5.56mm said:
do you know what exadurating is?

hmmmm, do you know what 'exaggerating' is?
get yourself a jetboil cooker, just as everone else has just lit their hexi you are drinking a hot brew or your boil in the bag is nearly ready. they are the mutts nuts in cookers and you can get them in the arrse shop at a good price :D
You forgot a minus point or two for gas;

Noise - stuff like the pocket rocket make an absolute racket

Temperature - If you're out in the siberian wastelands in winter (stanta) if it's too cold the gas won't get through to the cooker, also the cannister gets colder and colder as you use it, meaning by the time you've finished you've got half the floor stuck to your gas cannister.

Stick your rat pack in your dos bag with yourself for a lukewarm meal if you're gonna be in a hurry (don't try with corned beef hash - it needs to be so hot you can't taste it, or anything else, ever again)
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