hexi blocks...

Have you ever been a naughty naughty squaddie and fed locals hexi blocks ?

  • Do Bears sh*t in the woods.

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  • No..whats a hexi block ?

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Fun with hexi blocks No1 :

Add Jam to hexi block and give to local "natives" and tell them they are biscuits.

Please feel free to add to the list of "fun things to do with hexi blocks"
count me as an uneducated young spam, and do please tell me what a hexi block is... :?:
Basically blocks of material that when set alight provide heat/flame to cook food in boiling water which can then also be used for wash or brew.


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GIBJ, it's like your Trioxane, wee white solid fuel tabs.

But amongst the less switched-on recruits 'Hexi-telly' has been a grand favourite.

In answer to the poll, yes.
On several continents. :lol:

By the way, it's always easier to start the locals on the stuff if you have some Kendal Mint Cake handy too.


S**t - I never realised that you were supposed to BURN them. Now I know why the kids always said they tasted funny.
Good old 'hexi telly'. There used to be some excellent programmes on that in the harbour area, in the cold, in some godawful forestry block somewhere. The crow loved it. :lol:
When your mate has pissed you off by making a schitt Brew after a particuarly schitt stag, blow powdered milk towards him\her through the hexi flame it soon gets their attention. :lol: (only to be done during Non tac and\or day light hours)
Well its either that or beat the shite out of them witha whip antenna to get the little fcukers off your vehicle.
They fell for it every time................until they got wise and started bricking us that is :lol:
a good game to play is "convoy chicken" when you chuck boilies (or hexi blocks for a double whammy) out of the middle vehicles in a convoy , and see which of the locals are quick/stupid/ballsy enough to run out in the road before they get flattened by the next wagon.

or "heat the local coinage up until it's white hot" was always a favourite.
i wonder how many kids in third world countries have got perfect coin imprints on their hands ?
Ozgerbobble said:
Well its either that or beat the shite out of them witha whip antenna to get the little fcukers off your vehicle.
They fell for it every time................until they got wise and started bricking us that is :lol:
Then the RPGs turned up. 8O
They were fcuking great, Hexi-blocks

The first time I ever used them, we used two entire packets, to try and make a brew. We succeeded in nearly melting the stove, but only raised the water in the messtin to 1 degree above room temperature.

They could be a fearsome projectile when thrown across open ground in a skimming-stone-stylee. They'd give off a little 'wheeee' noise as they went and were guaranteed to shatter on impact. If part of the 1157 had been 'ninja-death-stars' I know for a fact that they would have been hexi-blocks whose corners had been sharpened by a bored, alcoholic storeman.

I believe that on the original law of armed conflict video (ba*tard shot Schofield etc), the private is actually caught dum-dumming a hexi block and not 9mm rounds as shown in the later version.
the only thing that i've smelt worse than a hexy block burning/welding a mess tin to the cooker is the time we gave a sprog the jog of getting the scoff on in the panzer , and he emptied the tins straight into the BV and well and truely f*cked it up , as well as filling the panzer with acrid fumes so we had to bale out , the other callsigns thought we'd been hit by an RPG , by the way we all staggered out holding each other up , then they realised we were just laughing at the by now very red bayonet frog.
erm, take 1 pack of hexi blocks, 1 bottle of peppermint essence and a bored squaddie....instant kendal mintcake for chavs

One exercise in the Mitte-Von- Fickennowhere Wald we were swarmed by boxhead kids asking the usual question:’Sweets, Sweets, bon-bons?’ and getting the usual answer ‘Fcuk off home and bring your older sister back’.

One overly keen kid did not take the hint to fcuk off (or he did not have an older sister) so, after entertaining ourselves by getting him to put extra cam patches on the net, one of the lads fed him many, many Oatmeal blocks. He must have scoffed about two dozen one after the other, After this particually dry repast he was a tad parched and wanted a drink. A water-bottle was duly produced and he swigged the majority of the contents in one long guzzle – causing a massive swelling of the consumed oatmeal blocks. It was like watching a time lapse film of a pregnancy – 9 months reduced to about a minute. We p!ssed ourselves laffing as he waddled off to whence he came holding his guts and not looking very well at all.
:D :D :D :D :D :D
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