Hetrosexual Vs Homosexual

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bencher_Barrie, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. I am sure you all know from 5th December 05 if you are homosexual you can have a civil service together then get an Army Quarter together, but if your hetrosexual and register your long term relationship which is official, the army wont recognise that.
    basically the Army is 20 years behind the rest of the world again in its housing policy !

    Does anyone else have this problem? i have been with my girlfriend 6 years and the army wont house us !

    This argument is going to be in Soldier Magazine in Januarys Issue, if anyone else is angry with this, voice your complaint and be heard.
  2. I don't have a problem with it because it does't concern me directly, however I understand your frustration.
  3. Yawn!!

    It comes down to legality, Gays cannot legally get married until the 5th of December. Once they have done there "marriage" they will be a legal couple thus having access to a Married quarter.

    As a "straight" bloke with a bird you have the option of legal marraige already. So if you want a MQ then get married its is that simple.
  4. Unfortunately, outside the forces non recognition of long term unmarried relationships also exists after this legislation, for example with pensions schemes.

    This legislation, I understand , only applies to same sex partnerships, as up to this point they had no legal access to this status where mixed sex partners could marry.

    See link www.gov.uk rights

    There is a possible financial "downside", often ignored I think, in that same sex partners that register also face "divorce" on splitting up with implications on pensions sharing ect.
  5. Move with the times fellas. As for the originator......hoping for a bit of homophobia were you?
  6. So why not marry the girl?
    If you can’t commit to her after 6 years, why should you be entitled to married quarters?
  7. If he is, he is in the right place.

    Where have you been you fem?
  8. This has been flogged to death in the past.

    A load of homophobic dribble will come from some, others will loose sight of the question entirely & still the answer is simple if you want the same rights as anyone else who is married or has under gone a civil ceremony then get married.

    End of problem.

    Why come up with such a controversial question for your 1st post. I smell scum...........Journalist by any chance.
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  12. you can have a civil ceremony as a hetro couple, its called marriage, and is available from your local registry office. its the same as a gay couple having a civil ceremony isn't it?
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  14. Nobody look at the gay man.
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    Nehustan On ROPs

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