HET turned over on the way back to Bovington!!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tiffy_A_Mech, May 15, 2006.

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  1. A few Pictures of the HET that over turned on the A31 last week.

  2. 8O How the HELL did that happen? Did he take a corner too quickly or something? Thats a bit of a mess, no mistake...
  3. Not too sure what happend, do you think they might be after the NSN for some NATO touch up paint?

    Pics in the paper showed some hoooofing skid marks. (Bet there were some skid marks on the driver's seat too - ooooops!) :tp:

  4. No wonder it took so long to recover, the recovery team were obviously planning on making a day of it. Has anyone else noticed the radio in mid left of 3rd photograph?

    There is also a huge number of evian bottles littering the road, Could he have skidded on these? (Not quite CSI yet am I? :D)
  5. Stunning photo's

    There's more info here Het

  6. lol nice spot on the radio m8......... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. I was wondering if it was easier to carry out a yearly QT tasks on the kings Trl now

  8. My experience of civvy recovery tells me that they do tend to make a day of it as every vehicle in attendance is charged for by the hour. Including the bloke in the Escort van who makes the brews all day. A couple of my drivers sh1tcarted last year & the lightest one (18t box) shut the M20 for 11hrs. Around 9 yrs ago we had a wagon tip at Lewisham roundabout at the bottom of Shooters Hill road the bill for that came in at 65k !!!!!!! Admitedly it was a hazodous load & we had to pay compensation to the bus company for screwing up thier timetable at rush hour but 65k KIN EL !!! Me thinks the MOD are gonna get well screwed over on this !!

    Regards LT. 8O
  9. Shame the recovery asset was on its roof too!! Ah, 46KJ39, done some miles in her round the test track at Bovington i can tell thee!!

    Nice to see they have fitted that CR2 track to CRARRV as well, NOT!! Mind you, who cares, u can change the track just as easily as the dead track and only half the maintenance! :roll: :roll:
  10. Excellant pics.
    I hope everyone was ok.
  11. I pity the poor cnut who has to do the damage report on the CRARRV!
  12. Clever thinking, but if you were to look close on photo 1, there are numerous traffic cones that are set up, maybe the driver had to take evasive action upon seeing these or merely tried to weave in and out on some sort of "time trial"

    It was sad news anyway 46KJ39 was my old CRARRV at Bovvy, unreplaceable.....until the next one comes in.
  13. Nice pics tiffy A mech, check your PM
  14. Commanders never did that! Roll off the sides of autobahns, but never that. The center of gravity is high on the HET and the wheel base not wide enough to handle sharp cornering IMHO (I've only driven the US spec machines, never the UK varient), but I do know from 8 years on commanders that it is almost impossble to roll them as the trailer is over 3 meters wide (3.09 to be precise) with the load sitting in a well to lowe the center of gravity.
    As it looks as if it has just come off a round about I would not rule out that speed may be a factor. Couple this with an inexperienced driver and........
  15. i have to say, i went past the accident and at one point one of our blokes went to see about any pollution (!). There was a motorbike escort rider with them and speed wasnt a issue. Apparently it just slid off. Its not the 1st time HET has dumped something over the side and it probably wont be the last!