HET says Billy McKavanagh was innocent

I couldn't find any other threads on this but apologies if its already been done.

The family of a Catholic shot dead by the Army in Belfast in August 1971 because it was believed he was a gunman have welcomed a report that has cleared his name.

The HET, which is a team of detectives investigating conflict murders, began re-examining Mr Kavanagh's murder four years ago.
The soldier responsible for shooting Mr McKavanagh maintained that the person he shot was armed.
The HET, however, said he was not carrying the weapon, a rivet gun which had been looted and left in the street.
The report said it had been picked up by members of Mr McKavanagh's group.

Full Article on BBC news

I had no knowledge of this incident until i read the article. It appears to me a little strange that its taken 40 years to establish it wasn't a weapon but a looted pop rivet gun (WTF you would loot one of those for?) that was 'picked up by members of Mr McKavanagh's group'
('cos you wouldn't want to leave a valuable commodity like that or such a valuable piece of evidence to prove his innocence).

Anyone here know anything more?


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