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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, May 20, 2009.

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  1. BBC2 now;

    Mr Cameron has, reportedly, sacked a Tory MP who claimed expenses for a Duck Island in the middle of his Duck Pond!

    You couldn't make it up, could you! Not unless the MP concerned was also claiming mortgage interest payments for the aforementioned Duck House!

    Daily Telegraph

    Looks like he's ducked!


  2. And if you read further down it looks like Viggers has "bought it!"

    Ex fast jet jockey and TA Officer and very soon to be Ex MP!

    "Bought it!" ha ha ha - no he didn't! it was the taxpayer!
  3. Sir Peter Viggers (Con), MP for Gosport. Ex-RAF jet-jockey and RA(TA). Such a sad, stupid waste as he's always been a keen supporter of the Armed Forces and was a member and Vice-Chairman of the Defence Select Committee (1992-1997) and Chairman of the Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill (1986 and 1996).
  4. I'm only glad the Lord Tim isn't still with us. Bad business.
  5. With that background, he should, perhaps, have had the gumption to think about how such a claim might be viewed.

    I agree with you that it is a waste of all that experience, but if you eat with the pigs...

  6. It seems to be that they start off with the best intentions and then like a tramp and a gusset, milk and meths, they can't help themselves.

    Roll on when they get to Blunkett's claim for the binoculars, X box and driving lessons......
  7. It is - I'm not of the opinion they are all pigs at the trough (although some most definitely are!). There will be a lot of good people that stood for parliament to do some good, but have found themselves slowly tainted with its practices; and these will be the ones that will quietly bow out knowing that is what it will take to restore the confidence of the public.

    It really is time for a massive change to the way that place works and hopefully a significant blood-letting prior to the next election - decimation shouldn't be the half of it.
  8. I just hope that none of the minority "nutter" parties find an skilled oratory chap like the National Socialists did. We all know where that one went.
  9. Makes me wonder what he got up to when serving in positions of power with the RAF (wonder if his JPA claims ever got audited)?
  10. TO Fees Office
    FROM P Viggers (Sir)
    REF Duck Island

    Put it on my bill!

    Yeah yeah I know ..coat taxi etc etc
  11. Ruth Kelly claimed for damages on expenses rather than on her insurance, unbelievable.

    As for Viggers: Eider he claimed falsely or he didn't. If he did he's going down.
  12. ultimate power corrupts ultimately is an oft said phase, and rightly true perhaps it is time to be radical with parliament and set limits on both the time an MP and government can stand, this wont be perfect of course but the truth is perfection is rare.

    Its very disappointing that a man with Viggers background is found as bad as others at the trough, but truthfully we all know that having been commissioned does not always a honorable gentleman make!
  13. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    OK, yes, I got the puns. Very good indeed.
  14. Which is why we salute the commission and not the man!
  15. Viggers is one of our strongest advocates in Parliament. He has a very deep understanding of service matters encompassing all services both regular and reserve.

    We could have done without his departure but he, along with many others, has taken the p1ss. It is entirely appropriate that he should stand down and a little disappointing that Cameron had to give him a nudge to do so. He should have fallen on his own sword rather than been given the push.

    The departure of Viggers, Steen and Hogg will make it harder for Labour to cling on to the likes of Moran. The conservatives are taking action while Labour dithers.