Hes Dead Now...but was he the Best?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fartsac, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. :cry:
    The great man is dead...hic.... :cry:
    Pele once described him as the 'Best player in the World'....(excuse the pun) :roll:

    Comment :?:
  2. It's only a game - who cares?
  3. Sorry but he wasted tax payers money on a new liver then drank himself to death.

    they should have never given him a second chance.

  4. Who cares?

    Fcuking Kissball. How can a government that legalised the buggery of 16 yr old boys and banned hunting not ban football, and thus in one fell swoop halve the problem of disgraceful oiks getting pished and fighting and generally bringing this country into disrepute. Cnuts.
  5. Rince, the question was "was he the Best?" refering to footie, not his addition to alcohol.

    I'm not a footie fan as such, but can remember the early 70's watching Man U on the black and white telly and this longhaired bloke running rings around the other players. One of the only players who could take control of the ball in his half’s goal mouth and run the length of the pitch, dribbling past the other side and scoring many, many goals. A delight to watch

    For those who don't know of this man's talent, watch TV over the next few days and hopefully they'll show some of the moments that made him a legend. Beats the shiite out of the likes of the pampered brigade, Beckham, Rooney and Co.

    On the point of his liver transplant, yeah, he didn't deserve it but he had a disease.
  6. because they are too busy disbanding or amalgamating historic and famous regiments.


  7. We shouldn't have a silence for him at all grounds as some are asking. He only really played for one club at the highest level, so if they want a silence at OT then fair enough. He was Irish so the other English clubs shouldn't have to have a silence. When people like Bobby Moore and David Rocastle died (England internations who played for a few clubs) it was a terrible tragedy - cancer. Best did have a problem but he was a poor role model. He was given a second chance with a new liver but went back to his old ways even after going to the priory (you need to really want to give up to be successful), also the problems with his wife. It's taking over the news too and over the sports home page, it's a shame but there are more important things happening, like our soldiers dying for their country, not dying because of alcohol abuse.
  8. good point, me told
  9. I could not give a toss. :x Bobby moore who famously captained the winning England world cup team tragically lost his battle to liver cancer slipped away with dignity and pride. What had best to be proud of?
    wife beater

    Habitual drunk

    A waste of a healthy liver

    Made a mockery of the transplant ideology. just as well the donor family remains in the dark as to where the organ of their loved one went, imagine the feeling that would stir.

    Absolute waste of rations. RIP my arrse i hope he went to his grave wracked with guilt. CNUT.

    PS : He was a half decent footballer.............that said he isnt, sorry wasnt any Sir Geoff Hurst.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You've got to be joking? 8O
  11. agreed a bad call :roll:
  12. Probably a bad example :? :? but there were a number of players either before or indeed after him who were better. Many of them man enough to overcome there difficulities with alcohol ie Jimmy Greaves.
  13. Cnut cost me a tenner on a George Best death day wager :twisted:
    Can I have his liver with fired onions spuds and onion gravy as I can no longer afford to eat?

  14. George Best may have been flawed as a person, as many of us are, but he never took a penny from the NHS. All his treatment was done privately at his own expense. Alcoholism is genetic and is a disease, again as many of us know.

    So before anyone downs a guy with the talent that George Best has, take a look at your own failures and flaws and those of your peers.

    When Bestie got his break in the 60's there was bugger all for any of us from the working class. He was dumped in Manchester and left to his own devices. Yes, if he was given more support from MU he may or may not have avoided the alcoholism that has plagued his family but the issue is - he didn't get the support.

    Gazza may be the next one to go and he DID get a much better introduction to the professional game because clubs recognised the mistakes made with people like George Best.

    Bestie may or may not have been the 'best footballer in the world' but he was the first football superstar. There are many out there who owe thanks to him for what he gave to the game itself and for what he contributed after he stopped playing.

    Which of you here has done as much for their chosen profession?
  15. To stick to the question asked... Yes, he was one of the world's best and the best Britain has produced.