Hes back again!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arrser, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I came across him last year during a qualifying march for Nijmegan.

    He was dressed in his full RM kit, complete with massive SBS tattoos on his arm (very subtle), he had two RAF cronies with him - young lads, possibly taken in by his bullshit.

    He pitched his tent next to the cadets - despite the whole ******* field being empty - which I thought was a bit strange at the time, next time I saw him was when he was telling us that he had completed the 25 miles in 2 hours, no word of a lie..he was adamant he had done it in 2 hours despite being a fat ****** for a start.

    I find it hillarious that he's tried to walt it up as a member of Sheffield UOTC, he confessed all to the (Para) Adjt in a letter begging for forgiveness, what I gather he attempted to hijack their Nijmegan team and turn them into to some form of team daine hybrid (probably he convinced the rather trusting and harmless MT JNCO that he was infact a Commando). I think he also tried to groom one of their female members by buying her some boots and writing a letter saying she'd make a fine young officer?!

    The guy is a complete total fantasist and walting ****, I remember myself and the COs driver pissing ourselves over his frog and dagger tattoo heh
  2. :clap: Sorry to but in gent's :oops: ,god he look's like Ash's brother :eek:
  3. I like the Contact Us and Guest Book pages on his site.
  4. Jesus effing Christ. I'm not often speechless, but....

    Sorry, found my voice again now. First time I've heard of him. That bloke isn't just a Walt, he's a Monty Python parody of a Walt.

    Speechless again.
  5. I'm not suprised he's been found out by the arrse waltenkommandos, someone told me that he'd said he was in the paras but had transferred to the Marines because he fancied a change. Happens all the time that.
    I did think about making a post here myself but I thought he was such a small time it wasn't worth it, looks like I was wrong!
    I seem to remember he was trying to claim to be something to do with the British Heart Foundation because of his dead mother, hopefully he hasn't conned them out of any money

    If anyone actually believed this **** they need their head examined, he's the least plausible SF type (or anything except doorstop) that I've ever seen.
  6. This utter b*stard of a bloke is a seriously bad piece of work, he has been offered a straightner numerous times, the c*nt turns up at cadet units and TA establishments all over the North West, Karl you f*cking scumbag, take a look at my pal here and then justify to me why you feel it neccessary to sully the name of my Corps, my friends and every person who has ever put a uniform on and got involved...I wouldnt lower myself to threatening you on here and losing my liberty but you are a disgusting human being, and fingers crossed someone will put your lamp out sooner rather than later..

    THIS is a Royal Marine, THIS is a man, THIS is a person to respect and honour you fat sh*tc*nt, my offer is still there as Ive proffered it you twice, hows life on Market Street Stockport you f*cking fat pr*ck ??, and I know you read this site you c*nt ..

  7. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    My gob is well and truly smacked. Unbelieveable. All I can think is this guy must have such a dull life he has to make up all this bull. That's probably why he tries to recruit kids as well, might not be paedophilia, might just be that they are the only people gullible enough to believe him.

    Reni - May your friend RIP. My friend was Ammunitions RLC and passed in Iraq 2003 so know it is one of the hardest things to get over, without some * insulting them in this way.
  8. Hang on, he's walted as a UOTC bod and an ACC EOD type....

  9. He alluded once to familiarity with my mentioned pal, its not a p*ssing contest mate so I think a fair point was made, the c*nt is pushing boundaries that shouldnt be pushed.
  10. Obviously a legend in his own lunchtime.... wot a cnut! May the unseen forces of the universe see fit to place him in the vicinity of Reni sometime in the very near future!
  11. Reni, read that obiturary and humbled. Not just for that fella but everyone out there. This person is an awful chatracter who has not just sullied your Corps, every person who has ever served but also ANYONE who has aimed for and acheived something.
  12. No mate I can understand that, I think the muppet should be properly dealt with by the law. I just found it odd some of the things he has walted as.
  13. I really hope that you get to him on a dark night reni and inflict some serious facial damage, requiring all of his fucking teeth extracting from the back of his head. What a contemptible piece of shite this excuse for a human being is.

    He makes the pathetic old boy walting as a Goose Green Para vet on the other site, look like a hero.