Herts ACF - Outraged!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bossdog, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. So there I was this evening in a Chinese takeaway at approximately 1920hrs waiting to collect my order. This is located approx 30 metres from the local ACF on a busy road in the centre of town.

    In strolls a figure in an untucked CS95 shirt and trousers. No stable belt or green belt, no headdress, and muddy boots (not from today either). His combats although clean were unironed. He had a red slide on his front epaulette stating "PI". I assume he was an Adult instructor or probationer? :x

    I took a second look at this guy, and make a quip at him that in my day he would have had a bollocking for poor turnout. I went on to say that as he was wearing the uniform, he should represent it with pride and not the shambles he portrayed. He didnt comment. He looked very embarassed.

    When I left the takeaway there was a young lad in his teens waiting to be let into the centre and he was immaculately dressed. What a difference.

    Can someone tell me - Is this the example that Adults in the ACF are setting to the youngsters these days or was I just unlucky into bumping into a poor example? What must civvys think when they see him? I am fcuking outraged that he wears the uniform of the British Army and waltzed around like that in such a poor show of discipline and turnout. If anyone knows this character get a grip of him. :x

    This isnt a dig at Adult Instructors, most I have seen (he's the only example in Herts I have seen) wear the uniform with pride.

    I will be phoning the centre tomorrow to speak to the OC who I understand will be in the office tomorrow to make a complaint.

    Had to get that off my chest, and like I say not a dig at the rest of the ACF i have seen. I just hope that he is an enigma within Herts ACF. :x
  2. I suspect, Bossdog, that the individual you had the close encounter with was one of the few who do go around poorly dressed, showing up the ACF and the Armed Forces (given they wear the same uniform and most civvies won't take the time to differentiate an AI from serving).
  3. PI stands for Potential Instructor. No excuse I know. While your there perhaps suggest that before given the kit they're shown how to iron and wear it!
  4. When I was PI no-one showed me 'how to wear it' because, not un-naturally, its assumed that as an adult, you know how to wear it, and if you don't, as a keen volunteer you observe how those with more experience wear it and follow their lead.

    Makes you wonder what kind of people Herts ACF are appointing as PIs, and what training is in place for them?
  5. I'd like to think that you were unlucky in bumping into a poor example.

    I'd also like to think that anyone bumping into one of mine dressed in a shabby fashion would have the decency to report it to me for 'corrective training' ;)
  6. Confusion about how to wear kit is also here in Kent. Problem being is most of the new PI in my county have no clue about what is the correct way to wear CS95 shirt/jacket thingy tucked or untucked.
    Prime example this year at our annual camp mu O\C commenting on the way someone was wearing there peaked hat, it was too low at the back apparently, i mentioned "perhaps no one had told him how it is to be worn", he replied "well he should know" attitudes like that is what does not help, when someone would rather bitch then point someone in the right direction.
  7. Technically, I believe the answer is "whichever way your RSM thinks is right." But that is true for so many things, it probably isn't a useful answer.
  8. Clanker, thats due to management & PI training, both of which you know dont happen properly in Kent.

    Idrach, thats not correct, if it is being worn as a shirt its tucked in, if as a jacket its not

    Unfortunatley, many PIs have no or little military experience but they are still trained straight as if they have, therefore relying on experienced people telling them their errors, however as we have had people finishing 1/2 of their PI training without a uniform being issued it proves the point that they wont know how to wear it
  9. I don't know where you are finding your recruits, but most of ours are ex-cadet NCOs/TA/Regs, and only the minority have no mil background at all, so most should and importantly, DO know how to wear it.

    But all too often I see necky 4*s and a few too adults who think the dress regs don't apply to them. It is not helped by mess seniors who don't grip these individuals, even in a 'quiet word of advice' mode.
  10. Good to hear from you Sapperted i at least know you are still alive and kicking.
    Catch up with you soon hopefully Trg update weekend possibly.
  11. We have some new instructors all of whom have no mil experience...

    It probably is a case of not having yet ben properly taught how to wear the uniform.
  12. It is now "Beds and Herts".
    If he is a PI, then he has done the basic County course.
    The TSM is ex Guards, and will, in very detailed "military" language, correct any errors in dress code.
    This is unnacepteable and should be reported to the County CEO.
  13. mmmm beds and herts acf ..
    I looked at transferring to them due to them being on my door step I spoke to the CEO of this mob who sounded like a very effecient guy he put me in touch with one of the coy commanders recently he didn't sound too interested and said he would be in touch ...subsequently he didn't bother .....
    by the sounds of it I may have had a lucky escape....
    Or maybe they are inundated with quality members staff and have no requirement for someone of a reasonable level of experience ...?
  14. I saw a crab from the Leeds Careers Office in rag order the other day sprinting towards Tescos, not really in a position to say anything as even on a Monday morning I looked like I had just yomped over Woodbury Common in February ! (Nearly shouted "YOOOOO THEEEEERE!!! , THAT MAN !! though !!) But nothing can tear me away from a steak bake ! :D
  15. Depends on what company commander you were speaking to - I know of one that changed quite recently and they may have not passed on your details to the next one?