Hertford T.A (infantry)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jgoddard13306, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. hi all, im looking to join the T.A just completed my application and sent it off.
    wanna go infantry 100%, Hertford is my local unit, just wondered if anyone could tell me if this unit is any good? any advice would be appreciated. cheers.
  2. That is more something you need to asses on your own by attending drill nights, exercises, training weekends, annual camps and such.
  3. didnt you visit the unit before you got the paperwork? you should have gone in and had a presentation and tour of the barracks by the coy recruiting Wo on your first night
  4. no, i rang them directly and they sent the forms out to me, i kinda had my mind made up that i wanted to go infantry as i spent a few years in the cadets with the royal anglians in my younger years.Hertford is just down the road from me so its ideal.I should really pop down there and have a look, but just wanted a heads up from someone that might have a bit of advice.
  5. I'm at the parent unit at Chelmsford but we train together at weekends. They're a good bunch with great morale so give them a try. It's a bit quiet at the moment due to Tosca but you will be in recruit training for a good few months so you will be kept busy.
  6. Hi, A mate of mine got attatched to this unit last year and said it is a good unit, im not sure myself, i am in maindy barracks in cardiff myself, TA is alright though you have many oppertunities when your settled in so you can get a transfer anytime really. if you need to know anymore about TA or training feel free to drop me an Email rees3001@hotmail.com
  7. The unit is small but fairly good as I understand it...

    If you were a cadet would you not have paraded at that TAC anyway?