Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by yorkshirejacket, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. So, after recently getting into a heated discussion with civi work people about Telic and general Army issues, one person jumped onto the latest topic of 'Herrick'. Why are we going etc.. what do we hope to achieve?

    My response followed the lines of Taliban and Drugs trade...

    but can anyone else think of a better answer??
  2. Give your wife the divorce excuse she's looking prior to mobilisation?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Getting away from irritating civvies for 11 months?

  4. And I suppose a decent way to save up some cash!>?!
  5. Important to remember that Uk forces deploying on Op Herrick 4 are doing so, by invitation of the Afghan National Government, in order, amongst other things, to help the Afghan National Army and National Police in being able to do an effective job.
  6. To stop the drugs problem we created by invading
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Yes, of course they are ;)

    Nurse, I recommend upping the daily dose by 50%.

  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ...hmmm.....be interesting to hear the MISSION piece of the Herrick Commanders orders

    Mission: to deploy in support of other Coalition forces in establishing the Rule of Law in Helmand Province. (???)
    Main Effort: ?????

    Doc John got on his hind legs in Royal United Services Institute this week to talk about , mostly, the LEGAL framework for deployed ops, if I read it right...there's a bit on Afghanistan amongst other issues - check below for the doctrinalisationitude:

    Source: http://defenceintranet.diiweb.r.mil.uk/DefenceIntranet/News/DefenceNews/MOD/ReidAddressesRusiOn20thcenturyRules21stcenturyConflict.htm
  9. msr

    msr LE

    The question that people standing in a bus queue in my constitiuency ask when they see on their TV what is happening in Darfur, Rwanda, Congo or elsewhere is not "Why are we interested in intervening?". The question they ask is "Why aren’t we doing more to help these people?"

    They've got no oil or WMD and are therefore of no interest to the US?

  10. Dafur - Sudan has lots of oil. But it is a huge area that would absorb entire British Army.

    Afghanistan has no oil. Sierra leone has no oil.

    Not always that simple. We cannot do everything and other nations aren't interested. Congo should be Belguim and French issue - but as they made such a mess of Rwanda they are worried about getting their fingers caught in the mangle.

    Africa is incapable of sorting its own mess - SA Army has high incidents of AIDs and could, by some, be considered to be combat non effective. Nigerian tps are more of a danger to the locals that any rebel forces - the population of the Sierra Leone can vouch for that.

    Answer? *&%*&% if I know - but it requires a decent effective force, lead by robush Western Nations - non corrupt - with good logistics, strategic lift and intelligence. The yanks can't help as they are over stretched. So the answer is...... lets call International Rescue!
  11. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    A smack to the Swede and a bellowed "Fcuk up you arrse!" Always a good response when the said civy-type can't be bothered to read a paper and/or watch the news on TV/the Net.
  12. Tony get off the internet :lol:
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    in lieu of anything else, the attached is from the NATO - ISAF website:
    Source: http://www.nato.int/issues/afghanistan/index.html

    Shame the MoD's website doesn't have anything similar which some of the 5,000 Brits who are going to be in Afghanistan by August could log on to......unless someone else on ARRSE knows where it is....Darth ?

    Lee Shaver
  14. Maybe ask them how many times they hear pf violent thefts taking place. Then ask how many of them are heroin abusers. Then ask where most of that heroin comes from!

    If they dont say yo mamma then they really aren't worth the banter and you should butt the civvy cnuts!
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Here y'go yorkie...Thank Gawd for the Brigade of Gurkhas !

    Source: http://www.army.mod.uk/brigade_of_gurkhas/rgr/2_rgr/op_herrick/index.htm