Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CardH7, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. I'm sure this is going to appear pretty keen but i'm basically looking for a fairly quick route to get out to afghan (obviously after the neccesary op training). Im currently in university and otc and hoping to join as an officer, but with the 2015 pull out, can see the inevitable problem of potentially being in command of a platoon of guys who have done a tour, whilst i have not.

    at one point 4 para run a 'gap year' of sorts, but as far as i can see this has been discontinued. im happy to take a year out of uni etc and hopefully go with the TA as a soldier. was just wondering what advice people can give about the best route to take?
  2. It may be possible for you to deploy with the TA on HERRICK, however with only a year space I really don't see it possible for you to be able to do all your Basic/Trade training as well as pre deployment training, it may be better for you to ask this in the TA section of the forum.
  3. one uni student i know did a "gap year" in afgan, although i think he joined a little before he left school. It is possible. my experience of guys going from OTC to a tour/TA unit is not a positive one. Because MLDP1 does not transfer across to the non officer route it can be very difficult, and depends on the unit you’re interested in joining. You would have to do CIC(or equivalent) as a minimum, and probably do phase 1. You could try the officer route, but I have not known of anyone deploy as a TA subbie in the past couple of years.

    I would suggest posting in the TA forum, they could give you a more complete answer.
  4. TA Subbies do deploy. However, not ones with very little experience like the OP. Best route is to see what nearby units are deploying after you graduate.