Herrick Winter Tour essentials

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wobs, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone any advice for a Kabul winter?

    Are there any bits of gucci kit worth buying for someone who won't buy just for the sake of it? Only thing I've been told so far is a mozzi net that will cover my pit/cam cot etc.

    Also just had the kit issue, anything pointless in it? I.e. the 3 pairs of mittens that stop you being able to fire your weapon!

    Best places you have a sidearm? I was always on the hip but is this practical in the cold under a softie and jacket?

    Lots of questions but not really got anyone I can go face to face too.

  2. With OPSEC like that, you already look like a knobber.
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  3. The other day I saw a chap (sadly a British soldier) with his side arm down his arse crack. You may want to consider that as a good place for your side arm. As you are off to Kabul, I shouldn't worry about firing your gat, you should be more worried about which cafe you will spend time in.
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  4. If you can, speak to whoever is already doing your job in theatre. I wouldn't buy a mozzie net - shite-loads knocking about in Afgham; they're an issued item. The only thing I might bu is a Blackhawk CQC Serpa holster for the pistol, if you get the right base plate then it can be worn on the belt or clipped to osprey.
  5. Unless of course you get the new Glock with the new holster set up...
  6. Been told thats 50/50.
  7. Fair one: not even thought about that, I've never seen one in the flesh, so assume its a myth until I do! To clarify: Serpa holster was referring to SIG
  8. Or just get the Glock or Sig specific Serpa holster when you find what weapon you'll be issued. All the accessories plates and mounts are generic.

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  9. Put your pistol where it can be drawn in relation to your position. If you have a super death ninja holster on your hip and you're in a vehicle consider removingit and placing it in a position where you can use it and not just frantically pull at it like Jarrod on Tom Daley.
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  10. Thanks for the pistol advice, as pointed out earlier when it was suggested it was kept up my ass I am going to be kicking back in a cafe, far as I'm aware body armour isn't going to be on that often so my main obstruction is going to be warm kit and a jacket if its a little chilly! It's a browning at the moment but may change to a glock if the unit gets them in time.

    Maybe I'm just over thinking it but I would rather have it accessable than wish it had been.

    Any other kit advice or general advice?
  11. I only went to Kabul twice on flying visits, but the smog was shit both times. Eyedrops and maybe even a good dust mask may be of use.
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  12. You get used to it after a while and stop noticing it. However coming back to the relatively fresh air of London was quite a revelation, as was coughing up lumps of black clag for 3 or 4 weeks after getting back.