Herrick ops?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Kingojosh93, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. As a kingsman in 4 LANCS (DOL TA) who is currently going through his training weekends, I was wondering of anyone here can help me out in regard to which Herrick op is currently underway? Thanks :)
  2. Tread closed?!
  3. Thanks for that, just been wodering as we'd heard in our TA unit that we were on 16 or 17. thanks all the same though
  4. If you were on 16 im fairly sure you would know about it by now.
  5. One of your regular battalions in on H17 so it will probably be that one.
  6. 4 LANCS are supporting 1 and 2 LANCS on I think H17 and 18.
    Unless you have been in the system for a while then it is unlikely you will be on either of them, as CO 4 LANCS (the previous CO not the new one) stated a fair few months ago that he had recruited his last Herrick soldier as the time spent in trg etc would preclude anyone else going on these two tours.
  7. Does it actually matter?
  8. I don't know cause the new CO told us there's been some sort of change and that assuming we push oursves to the limit...could get a position on one of the final Herrick tours.
  9. Well yes, if he was supposed to be on H13,