Herrick money

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by megahorse7, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. has anyone got the first clue of how much extra we get paid each month whilst on herrick 13?? cheers
  2. a friend from para reg said ur looking at 15k in the bank when you get back. plus that 5k bonus thing. aparently it works out to be somet like 12pounds per hour 24hours a day etc?

  3. thanks....!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The best person to ask would be your clerk. You should have had a brief on pay and allowances before now, but if you haven't, ask your clerk for the detail- Entitlements above your basic pay are different for each individual, depending on location, tasks carried out, and various other factors.
  5. 29.02 a day for your OP tour bonus
    LSA (which varies depending on your LSA levels) per day
    Possible unpleasent working allowance which is approx 2.50 a day
    Possible unpleasent living allowance (everyone in FOBs, PBs and CPs gets this) approx 3.50 a day.
  6. and all of it taxed!!
  7. Except the Operational Allowance. Which is, unless you're on a completely impractical level of LSA, the majority of your increase in wages.