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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scoobs, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Im sorry if this is duplicating another thread somewhere, but I cant find one!!

    Im deploying on Herrick and it s my first tour.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for kit that might make life a little easier?

    Any sensible (?) suggestions would be great!

    Cheers Folks! :)
  2. The clothing & equipment kit issue you'll get at Chilwell is very comprehensive and you won't need to buy any of your own kit (unless you have a particularly specialised role).

    If you're going to be based in Bastion then get a cheap portable DVD player, so you can watch the copied dvd's you can buy at the choggi market.

    If you're going to be out of Bastion I'd recommend a PSP with some sort of charging capability that doesn't rely on being near a powerpoint (eg solar charger) and plenty of films on memory sticks.

    Put some stuff like a cheap duvet, pillow, a couple of spare towels etc into your MFO, but nothing valuable or stuff you can't live without as a) it may not get there for ages and b) may not get there at all.
  3. Roger that, I got all my cheap stuff from Tesco's. £17 for duvet, pillow and bedding. Stay low move fast safe tour
  4. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or a laptop, then you can watch DVDs, play games, listen to music etc.

    Also get yourself a Digital TV kit for it, and you can pick up BFBS ( well at Bastion anyway). I also used mine for issuing 1033s etc

    You'll love it there DURCH !
  5. I wouldn't bother with an MFO. If you can't carry it ie bergen, daysack and grip then don't take it unless you're assured of staying at Bastion/KAF.

    Chin off the load carrying vest (Unless it's the moulle one with detachable pouches) from RTMC because its pants and you will get Osprey.

    Laptop/PSP/Portable DVD player/IPOD/DVB USB.
  6. Many thanks for this.. keep them coming.

    If it helps it looks like I'll be in Lash for the initial period so any more advice or experiences well received.

    I informed my employers today.. they seemed really on side! A bit too much in fact.. perhaps Im shit at my job!?!? :?
  7. If ure going to lash mate its a cheers easy place to go massive tvs in all the tents really good camp to go to my ithas something to do with all the head shed being down there
  8. I got to see most of the FOBS and camps. Lash was by the far the best, nice and compact, good gym, good scoff.