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Discussion in 'Medals' started by contact_wait_out, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Seeing as this is a really active part of the forum, thought I would post my question here, that and I don't want to look like a mong and ask the admin office.

    Was recently issued the ISAF medal, the one to accompany Herrick, now my question is what the **** do I do with it? I understand that it is more of a chocolate medal more than anything but do we wear it? Or can I flog it for a few beer tokens?
  2. You won't get a beer for it, and you can't wear it (although I stand to be corrected as usual).

    Show it to sluts for free blow-jobs.
  3. Do what everybody else does, frame it - together with a suitably warry snap (Photoshopped if necessary) - and hang it on your* bog wall.

    *If you don't have a bog wall of your own upon which to hang it, it makes a really thoughtful (i.e. cheap) Christmas present for Granny.
  4. Ok thanks. Again money spent well by the MOD...

    I'll keep it in my underwear drawer.
  5. The MOD didn't pay for it, NATO did, the clue is in the name.
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  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I think it's not even MOD money, but presented by NATO (so a lot of it is Yank and Kraut money, which is much more palatable). I've got three of the bloody things, as they seem to give one every time you turn up for a few weeks, let alone a full tour. They aren't engraved with anything, so feel free to have them engraved and present them to whoever you wish.

    One of mine will probably end up in a box on the wall when I finally admit I'm too old for this crap.

    Oh, and don't keep them in your grots drawer - they are medals, easily earned, bling for the use of, and will thus only serve to attract Crabs.
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  7. A cunning mate of mine has 2 sets of minitures, 1 with Telic and Herrick to be worn under normal circumstances with his peers, the second with the addition of the ISAF choccy one to be worn in exceptional circumstances i.e. OTC balls.

    When it comes to tart magnets, every little helps.
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  8. I was never issued one so if you want to unload one I'll take one of your hands as I have a commemorative dagger (Herrick 14 so I was with a cdo sqn) and thought I'd put the medal in a frame with that.

    Or if anyone can tell me how I should go about getting the one I'm entitled to that would help.
  9. Super cunning and good drills! Although if I were single I would take it one step further, and add the American tat I got for turning up and being a nice bloke. It may be chippy, but I've seen HCR blokes sporting the ISAF gong and Welsh Guardsmen wearing the screamingly **** EU one at the HAC - since its their job to set the tone, I blame my betters. Frankly scummy northerners like me don't know no better.
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  10. mine just appeared in the post one day (unlooked for or requested) with no note or return adress about a year after i got back. still not sure whether this is some sore of mafioso style veiled threat
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  11. It seems I should have got this in theatre but as I was casevaced it looks like I've missed the boat.
  12. EU 'Althea' is endorsed, therefore, should be wearing it!
  13. But you'll agree that it is screamingly ****, though - no?
  14. I was on H12 and never got mine.... who/what/where do I have to ask to get it from?