Herrick Deployment Rotations & Campaign Regiments

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by paulrobz, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Morning,

    The time is getting closer for Regimental Selection Boards at RMAS. My first choice has been and is the Royal Signals.

    I am aware of the changes with campaign signal regiments. Nevertheless, does any know the what regiments / squadrons are supporting Herrick 14 onwards (this will be the date i will be at my unit after yo training.)

    I am also aware of 14 EW are pretty much on continual rotation due to their unique role except Herrick 14 as the 3 Commando can provide their own EW function. But do any other regiments on a rotating deployment system?

    Forgive me for any wrong information, please clarify if anything is incorrect.

  2. 1 Sig Bde rotate doing split tours of Herrick, 16 Sigs will be going next in February until August, probably followed by 22 Sigs and then 7 Sigs afterwards as that is the general pattern.

    Hope this helps.
  3. no! 2 sigs will be in herrick as of august 10. not 22sigs.
  4. OPSEC is also deployed. Discuss.
  5. Units to be deployed aren't secret, they're announced to Parliament and in the media well in advance and all wear a large and colourful collection of scout badges just in case anyone's in any doubt of who they are.
  6. Maybe so, but that doesnt mean we should throw flames on the fire by discussing it on an open site such as this.

    Before long, we will be discussing tactics on threads that start in such a manner that some nob jockey has took it upon himself to post, unaware of possible consequences.

    If you want to know deployment stuff and so on, ask your chain of command etc.
  7. If you can be bothered looking, you can find the entire ORBAT for each roulemont, what training those units are doing before they deploy and when those units deploy. All open source and unlikely to seriously stretch the Taleban's intelligence network. Even the Int Corps could probably come close to reporting who was deploying and when.

    I'm all for keeping things that should be secret secret, but who's deploying where, outside of SF, hasn't been a secret for a long, long time.
  8. Oh my god!!!!!!!! I didn't even know we were in Afghan. Time to sign off I think. :roll:
  9. Discuss - You are a cock!

    To mention that a unit is likely to be deployed is like saying the sky is blue.
    I have not given out specific dates, flight times, pax details. I simply speculated that the possible deployment maybe as I stated. If I had bothered to look into it properly I would have been able to give a correct answer.

    As jimmys_best_mate said, it's all open source information. So much so it's openly publicised on wikipedia! - WIKI!!!

    OPSEC is one thing, being a bellend is another. PM me if you wish to 'discuss'
  10. Fight, fight, fight....
  11. My money is on the winner!
  12. Do the taliban really care who is in theatre? A dead soldier is a dead soldier to them no matter what cap badge he's wearing or country he stems from. They know rough estimates of troops deployed and it's no secret another 37.000 are deploying early next year.
  13. Fine, have it your way - make it as easy as possible for everyone to know whos coming and going, why dont you post all the links on bilboards as well just so everyone has access to it.

    As for PM ing you l cant be arrsed as l have better things to do with my time than argue with idiots.

    We will agree to disagree.
  14. Everybody does have access to it already, it's published on the MOD's website! Do you really think it's beyond the wit of the Taleban's intelligence network to bookmark a website and have a look at it every so often?
  15. Your damned right, its about time people on board started taking opsec seriously, if Hitler and his cronies find out that Captain Mainwaring and mad ferret have only one gun between them we're doomed i tell you.