Herrick - Chilwell kit top-up

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GreenSlime, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Hullo all:

    Just wondering if anyone knows the current scale of 'top-up' kit for TA going on Herrick?

    Have won a free holiday :D there starting soon and wondering what kit I don't need to take!

  2. Kit issued (desert) is identical to Op Telic stuff. If you are TA then you should have joining instructions stating all the stuff you should take - regular reserves get green kit issued for the course.

    You can have a MFO box for stay behind kit so all your green stuff you take up there can get dumped till your return in the secure lockup.

    Worth noting that some things have improved - eg the safety glasses, so may be worthwhile having a look through the kit carefully if you already have the stuff to get the newest kit (not for gucci kit but some things are improved for safety reasons).

  3. Slightly off topic

    Have they changed their issuing methods? I know of several guys who've been through for Tellic more than once and had the same kit issued twice, and because of preprinted 1033's got it whether they wanted it or not.
  4. we never even handed our telic kit in which was annoying as usually when you mobilise they want everything in so i packed accordingly to come home only to find out i had more issued kit to try and find a stash for at home!
  5. Aye, my JI's tell me to take the bare minimum, but I'm just wondering whether, for example, to take my civi bought Sleeka or will I be issued the new 'chinese fighting suit' etc. I have plenty of gucci kit I've accumulated along the way, but as I will be travelling by train to RTMC, don't want to lug extra weight unnecessarily.

  6. if you are doing a winter tour i suggest you take a decent sleeping bag as the tropical ones they issue are sh1te, even better take a duvet set to send out mfo (aswell as a good doss bag in your hold luggage, as mfo can take forever!) and the winter nights out there can get really cold
  7. ure get softie jacket + trousers + wind proof (dessey) and loads of other stuff our psi has given us a list last week he went up to chillwell and found all this out, u RV or RRV by any chance as im going up there beginning of next month
  8. Err try ebay, ex special forces kit :wink: goes for a good price! :D
  9. Yes they have changed their methods - I only got some of the stuff but not all the new stuff which was a pain.
  10. No, I'm too old and slow now to be Inf.

    Well then I'll just stick to the kit list and a few essentials and trust that the MOD will provide me with wonderful new gucci items. Will pre-pack some stuff at home though in case I need anything sent out.
  11. Any one know how long you have to hold on to telic kit?I have a lot from 3 which I will never use again I hope :D .