HERRICK 4 told by veterans, in their own words, out now

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stonker, May 23, 2008.

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  1. To my great surprise, I have just this morning received an advance copy of "A Million Bullets", a new book written about Herrick 4. It was a small 'thank you' from the author, who contacted me through Arrse over a year ago,

    In a very very tiny way, I helped James (we have never met) to find a way past the barriers being put up by MoD to protect the literary interests of a retired Para General with a son who commanded a Para Coy on HERRICK 4 . You can figure it out - I learn from his intro, that James was forbidden to interview any Paras other than Lt Col Tootal, CO of that Bn. James wanted to get at all the other cap badges fighting in AFG and tell a wider story. If he hadn't, the chances are HERRICK might go down in history as a 'Paras only' affair. It wasn't, and a lot of troops out there with them, had substantially less preparation for it, and did equallly well, yet got loads less coverage at home.

    Among them are my old Bn about whom I have just scanned some excellent stuff, told in the lad's own words, about combat in (Apocalypse) Now Zad, around page 98.

    Fill yer boots. Tell yer friends and family. And a big thank you to James Fergusson for putting it together.

    About James:
  2. You can preorder this at Tescos for £10
  3. Thanx for that.
    For anyone who wants it, the Tesco order page for the book is here (clicky).
  4. I'll buy it, but I don't believe in glorifying Herrick 4 any more than any other Herrick. Tougher battles have been fought since in Helmand.
  5. I wouldn't say this is a 'glorifying' book, in any way.

    Also, looking at the legwork that went into it, and how hard the MoD/Paara Regt tried to limit what was researched, I'd be surprised if you get the chance to read many books about OP HERRICK - simply because the work involved in assembling it is so chuffing tough.