Herrick 20

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Sapper79, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Good evening

    I'm new on the site and would appreciate a bit of advice.

    I'm in the TA and all going well, will be deploying on H20 next year. Unfortunateley I've been getting a bit of pain in my knee. I had a small tear in the cartilage a few years ago which hasn't bothered me much until recently. If I was to get an operation in the next couple of months (bearing in mind there is usually a 6 week recovery period for this op), would there be any problems at Chillwell in November / December ? Would I still be eligible to deploy ?

  2. Have you been back to see you GP about it yet? Given that they work on 16 week turn around a between referral and being seen, then the time for you to go on a waiting list to have the op then physio/recovery. I think you may be cutting it fine, plus you'll probably miss the build up weekends and camp!

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  3. That is if there is a HERRICK 20, things are evolving and changing quickly all the time out here atm...
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  4. Don't worry there's always Mali, Somalia, Syria, Iran... :)
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  5. China??
  6. Not been near Gp as I only hurt it again a couple of weeks ago. Did some phys this weekend and it seems to be all good. Spoke to a physio too who has given me some exercises to strengthen the muscle round about it. I'm hoping that I may have just jumped to conclusions and assumed the worst.

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  7. Thanks
  8. My tuppence worth, DO NOT try and deploy with any sort of injury, hidden or otherwise. Why?

    I deployed on H18 in April thus year.All fit and well. After 7 weeks I developed a 'sore' knee, lay of the phys I think, next minute my leg looks like a swollen elephants leg and I have an infected knee (bursitis). Ended up in the Role 3 BSN getting pumped full of IV antibiotics.

    Ended up getting Aeromed out back to UK. Doctors in BSN all agreed I had to return to UK to heal properly, no way can you recover from Infections etc out in that shit hole. Only just recovering now and having a lot of medicals just to return to Theatre which is a big maybe at the mo.
    Summary, its hard just existing out there, especially when the hot weather starts kicking in, have an injury or pick one up and you will suffer big time.
    My advice is make sure your knee is 100% fit and ready as if its not and you try and 'carry' the injury it may well catch you out and if that happens out in a PB you are fooked!!!
    Good luck.
  9. Im writing this from Shawqat, you should be alright, as things are moving very quickly over here, H20 will be in Bastion so aslong as you dont injure yourself climping the stairs to sangers you should be fine, everyone stags on irrespective of rank, Stop flapping and focus on your recovery
  10. Hi there,

    Unfortunately my unit is not on any of the upcoming Herrricks. Are there any (Infantry) units going that I could transfer to, preferably in the South East or London?

  11. Some of the lads I know in the London regiment were due to go out with the Coldstream Guards, but I think that they have all been stood down now.

    If you have not got a PID with a unit going out, I think you may have missed the boat.
  12. H17 seemed to be the last taking a huge TA deployment. There are still TA getting out but not on the number of PIDs given before.
  13. Thanks for the info, that's a bummer.

    Does anyone else have any gen, or is that the end of that?
  14. 20 is currently pencilled in as the last one - but on a recent briefing for 19b, the gist of the conversation seemed to be that even that might be a massively scaled down tour in terms of numbers...... seems to be changing by the week .......