Herrick 19

I don't suppose any one has the relevant contact details for who ever is dealing with the manning for that tour as I'm trying to get away ?
Apply through your CoC or they will just get pissed off and not support your desire!
Ref 27, so would i. They seem to think getting really really fit is the way to do a tour of Bastion. Just get up to the standard of physical tests required, pack some winter clothing and hope the bonus money is still going. Oh, and get used to ISO containers!
CH5120, Might be a bit of a thing for fitness and tours 9TLR got really fit for deployment but lacked any trade knowledge and the know how to do the job and 27TLR are going down the same road, Isnt the CO of 9 married to the 2IC of 27??
KoL, God knows, im viewing from across the road. Having done both H11 and 16 with 9 as part of the Supply Sqn then there maybe is some truth with what you say.
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