Herrick 19 issue

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by swatrfc, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. We were talking about the black grip issue for h19 the other day and someone said there is no ubac issue for it after h18 anyone heard this, also we will be getting new helmets and osprey?
  2. Not likely. Helmet and bodyarmour do the job, and we've only got a couple years to push at most.
  3. Yes you will - sorry, as in yes you will get Mk 7 helmets and Mk 4a Osprey. You won't be getting any specific new changes/designs. You will be getting UBACS - a slightly modified version with Tier 1 protection in the collar.
  4. Looks like bone question time again.
  5. When do we get paid this month?
  6. I don't do it for the money, I do it for Queen & Country
  7. Beer, whores and scran!
  8. Stop sexing it up- they'll just be wearing their silk pants around their necks :)
  9. Is this the same for HERRICK 20 as well? Duty rumour is for the new Virtus(?) to be issued as body armour/plate carrier as its the only time it will ever been worn on anything resembling operations for the next twenty years...

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  10. You'll also be issued 4 extra pairs of pants for the amount of times you get the shits from all the, so called, 'Pizza Hut' eats you'll be scoffing during the 6 months spent sitting on your arse, bored, in Bastion.

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  11. 9 months, sir, 9 months
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  12. Those serial numbers aren't going to check themselves before being packed into ISOs. Could be strenuous work, I'm already upping my CDO checks in preparation.

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  13. I know it's a bone thread, but: our black grip was split in to 2 issues; we received our new helmets & ubacs in the first issue. Osprey issued well before any black grip issue
  14. Well that just serves you right! The so called 'KFC' in BSN 2 is far betterer
  15. Ah, I remember seeing the KFC ISO being flatbedded into BSN as I was leaving and never got to basque in all its Salmonella-e-goodness.

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