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Discussion in 'RLC' started by samain11, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, can anyone tell me why samain11 junior is having to break his pre-deployment block leave to return to Abingdon for a mandatory group photo call and bar-b-q ? I would have rather had the little devil at home for all of his leave and he ain't too happy either. Back in the day (boots dms, puttees, and a proper rifle) this sort of admin was sorted out before firing the boys off on leave, (mind you I was REME and the Regiments didn't always want us infesting their Regimental piccies) poor admin or unavoidable?
  2. Shite admin probably.

    Make sure he claims a rail warrant or MMA...
  3. Because he is in the army. "On the wagon, off the wagon" etc.
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  4. Hurry up and wait. Chickenshit happens all the time, that ain't going to change.
  5. Pre-op leave is a bonus anyway.

    Maybe he is an oddbod who was on a course or what not durng 'block' pre op leave, and is taking it out of kilter with the unit.
  6. A fecking BBQ...boy do they get it easy these days! ;)
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  7. Abingdon you say.....maybe you will also get a lecture on ND's before you deploy? After all the Abingdon lot that are out there now are pretty clued up on that. And i know one who will be returning less tour bonus!
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  8. Because 12 LSR are shit and couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery, even if everyone bought their own glasses?
  9. Remind him that he'll value the photo in 20 years time more than the fact that he lost a days leave......I'm sure he'll appreciate your foresight?!
  10. Been at least 8 go through my armourers for inspection from the Bastion 2 mob! Absolutely no idea of the one in which you refer either? But I bet the interview with the big big man was uncomfortable!
  11. Ha ha.........You have no idea how difficult that conversation would have been.............
  12. Don't be coy. Was it someone important who should have known better?
  13. Big Man? Oh the ******* irony! Put it this way, he used to have a pistol but now carries a rifle!
  14. 'All Quiet on the Eastern Front...'