Herrick 17

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rfn_Rifleman, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Does anybody know what Infantry regiments are going H17?
  2. Yup.....just me. On my own.

  3. Johnny 2 Guitars,where's the rest of the sqn, have you eaten them?
  4. They're in my underpants. Obviously.
  5. How the hell did you come across that vomit inducing picture??!
    It made me heave.
  6. I see the ballistic pants are catching on.
  7. If a picture like that makes you want to heave, then there is something wrong with you. Do you not get a little stirring in your undercrackers whilst looking at it? Do your friends call you "cupcake"?

    I never leave home without them.
  8. Your underpants are stained. You vile fetishist.
  9. I don't class Maddys love juice as a "stain". More a trophy of war.
  10. You are Russell cunting Brand as well.
  11. No. He's my uglier brother. My chick is also hotter than his.
  12. She'd be getting on a bit by now, wouldn't she?
  13. Yeah, and her minge is like a smashed crab
  14. Better than that blue waffle, the one with the clout cheese and the lesions *vomits into mouth*
  15. Granted. The Blue Waffle is pretty minging, but I can help wonder what it would taste like