Herrick 17 with the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SamD93, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I've recently joined the TA (75 Eng) from the RMR and I've been told I can mobilise for Herrick 17, which I want to do. As a TA sapper out in Afghanistan does anyone know what my day to day duties would be? One thing in particular I would like to know is would I be expected to go out on patrols with the infantry and if not could I volunteer to do so? Or would I be behind the wire well away from the action, doing standard engineer work like construction etc? Also how do the regs view TA soldiers in Afghanistan? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi I'm in a simular situation to yourself mate though i was looking into if its possible to do C-IED type stuff though if you get any replies to this post send us a message if you don't mind. cheers.
  3. Guys, in simple terms you will fill Hesco, purify water and do construction! Unless you have specialist skills already then the above are nigh on the money!

    Forget C-IED, 33 deploy in that role! Perhaps if you were Class 1 Combat then maybe but as it stands and going on your current position on the food chain then no.

    591 (assuming the hierarchy are of sound mind!) would not let you go until you are at least Cl 2 Combat. Get through the basics first, the earliest you would qualify as Cl3 Combat is next Spetember anyway!

    Learn to crawl first!
  4. How do the reg's view the TA bods you ask. It is quite simple.

    Are you good and safe or a burden ? that is the test. It is very simple.

    Good luck.

    (I am a stab).
  5. Be prepared to do a lot of patrols. If the lads are short, you'll go out. When you get on the ground, you'll be treated like every other Sapper, as long as you don't mark yourself out as TA.

    In short, if you want to be treated like a Reg, behave like one. That includes doing the fair share of Infantry attachment, Hesco filling, Top Cover and Route Clearance work.
  6. cheers for the replies chaps.
  7. They are, and quite right.

    Forget CIED, all you'll touch is MATT 9 and OP BARMA on PDT you wont be defusing bombs. If you arent joining until January you will not be deploying on H17 because you will have missed 4 months of 591s own build up training and will not be able to get qualified to a useful level prior to mobilisation, which based on H15 should be around the end of May. Dont worry there will be plenty of other tours.

    Short answer no, nobody does. It will depend on the regular PID you are put into by 75 Regt and that particular sub units tasks on tour. However as mentioned expect it to involve combat engineering in one form or another or any other infantry or general duty depending on manpower where you end up.
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  8. thanks for the answers and clearing that up for me.