Herrick 15 mobilisation

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sabai, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. I am likely to be mobilised for Herrick 15, which has its Chilwell checkpoint in June of this year. My circuimstances are changing and it is beginning to look like I cannot commit for the full 1 year of the deployment cycle. I can however firmly committ for seven months which would permit 3 months (at least) service in Afgan. I have heard of TA soldiers doing 3 month tours. So, I am thinking this should be fine. But it is getting late in the day. Indeed, it is Easter Leave now and by the time that has finished we are pretty much at Chilwell. Can I get this sorted at Chilwell?

    I am keen to deploy, so dont just want to sack it.
  2. To be honest I don't think you stand a chance of deploying for just the three months unless you have the trades required. I've a friend who deploys fairly regularly but for only 2-3 weeks at a time because of his skillset
  3. I think they've sacked the 3 month tour. sorry mate.
  4. No I'm not
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath, if your capbadge is anything like the RE cohort theyll have more names than places and no shortage of disappointed people who didnt get PID's. Rather than bending to accommodate you and cause themselves headaches down the line they'll just **** you off and get someone else in.

    Edited to add - If youre going to drop out you best do it quickly, lest your mobilisation papers land on your doormat and you find yourself going whether you like it or not. Itll also give whoever ends up replacing you more time to sort their life out.
  6. You can still get short tours but these have to be okayed by Glasgow not here at RTMC, You need to contact them ASAP to let them know your circumstances have changed.
  7. Whats your capbadge?

    If you're Infantry - I suspect no chance of a short tour.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You can still get them, provided you have done all of the required MST and both your TA unit and more importantly the receiving unit are willing to support it.

    There are a relatively small number of people who did/are doing 3 month tours on H13 in Inf units, but they are definately the exception not the rule. A lot will also boil down to your background - if you are ex reg, been on tour before, previous FTRS etc then you are a much lower risk of G1/welfare dramas than someone who has been in the TA for a short while and has no real idea how they will cope when thrown into 24/7 military life, especially on high intensity ops.

    You should definatelyask, but don't be surprised if you are told you can't.
  9. HI all , Much like my man who stared this thread , I am also due at chilwell late May / June but have a different question . I am wondering about the medical up there as about 5 - 6 years ago I went to the quacks about a rapid heart beat , nothing was found wrong and no treatment given (apart from being told to leave vodka and red bull alone) . Now im a little worried that i'll get binned coz of it even though im 100 % fit and ready , has anybody got an info or experience they can add to this ? . Also I have been told that 3 monthers are gone for Inf cap badges , sorry pal
  10. Were you already serving when you visited the doctor or have you joined since? If the latter, I wouldn't worry too much because it obviously wasn't enough of a problem to stop you at the selection stage. I would however, be prepared for the RTMC medical staff to be very picky because as mentioned above, there are usually more willing bodies than places.
  11. Hiya , thanks for the reply , it was before i joined up and you have said it didn't get in the way og me joining so fingers crossed. I am ready for the pickyness once im there and have a letter from the doc just in case so im really hoping they don't bin me for it !! do you have any other advice for Chilwell ?

  12. They do blood pressure and heart rate checks on the first part of your medical. If the results are normal (or normal-ish because of a combination of white-coat anxiety, fucked-about syndrome and that you're probably on your third or fourth coffee of the morning) you'll go through. If they aren't, then they'll retest and if you are still high, the doc will check again when you have the detailed medical (now with lots of bouncing around on different parts of your feet as the new embarassment-factor).

    If it doesn't show on that check and ain't on your military medical records, it probably won't cause you any grief.
  13. Hi Idrach , thanks for that , only problem is it is in my meds as I told them about on joining up as was told they would check my civvie docs anyway. SO its in there but not on my records as an issue if that makes senes ? did pass my pre medical medical two weeks ago though and blood pressure etc etc all good ?
  14. Chilwell don't check your civi med docs unless they think there is a problem. Play down anything they ask you about and don't offer up any "new" issues and you'll be fine.

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  15. I wouldnt worry to much i went thru chilwell in 2000 and again in 2001, unless youve got an arm or leg missing im sure you'll get thru. The only fail i saw was for bad teeth honestly! Have never heard of being tied into 12 month tour. Balkans was 6 months with the option to extend to a maximum of 12 months before demobing.