Herrick 15. Drivers and medics needed.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, May 21, 2010.

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  1. I'm due to go to chilwell next July (2011) to deploy on a 6 month tour of Afghanistan. I am told that the 1st battalion princess of Wales royal regiment are having a whole TA company mobilse with them are in desprate need of TA medics. At least 25 medics at CMT 1 and about the same number of drivers (ambulance drivers) and other vehicles. If any medics RAMC want to deploy to Afghanistan try and get hold of 3pwrr to deploy.
  2. Anyone got a contact to talk to about this drops driver rlc ta
  3. Strange. Our unit has not published this requirement & we're very pro deployment of Med pers (unfortunately not so pro about our other cap badges).
  4. Come on MODs'................close this down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PERSEC/OPSEC etc etc FFS!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Not attempting to grab the keys to the outrage bus, but this is not a subject for Public Sites.

    Agree with top_soldier, get this canned asap
  6. Nevermind
  7. Nonsense
  8. In all seriousness, Creature you might want to bin this; if CMTs and ambo drivers are needed they'll be approached rather than expected to chase up hearsay on the internet. 2011's still quite a long way off yet.

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  9. Absolute nonsense. Giving out the names and addresses of all those going, that would be a PERSEC issue. Publishing a schedules of when they go on patrol (as if such a thing existed) would be an OPSEC problem.

    Why do you even think this is an issue.

    And, hadn't you heard ? The Army is fully recruited, so this couldn't possibly be a case of giving comfort to our enemies by suggesting that we are under a bit of pressure J1-wise........ ;)
  10. Why would an infantry company need 25 CMTs? I didn't think a battalion would be scaled for that many? Are they proposing to do their fighting from a stretcher in the back of a BFA?
  11. How many locations to man? 1? 2? 3? 4? 5?

    Those CMT look mighty few when you're covering 2 locations per Company.
  12. This isn't all gospel it's just a big rumour going
    around. However saying that I no for sure they are I'm need of
  13. I don't think it's an OPSEC issue as FTRS list of opportunities is available from Army Net which has nothing restricted on.
  14. Most Medical Staff in FOBs and PBs will come from the Med Group, not from the individual units and sub-units occupying the locations. I would suspect that the CMT trawl is mainly for the deploying Medical Regiment, rather than the teeth arms battalions themselves. In practice however, the same end result is achieved.
  15. Quick update. Was able to clarify this today. Most medical posts are for the Med Group rather than particular non-medical units. The upshot of this is that people applying might find themselves working anywhere in Theatre, including PBs, FOBs and the QMs or Amby troop in Bastion.