Herrick 14

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by GeordieSteve, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. (if i've spelt that right)

    can anyone tell me when deployment for this is?

    Also, if you want to go to Afgan, but currently doing phase one training, will they allow you to go?

    Whats the thoughts from you guy's?
  2. looking for more of an opinion as to whether it would be realistic target for myself. Or if i am trying to progress to quickly.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    H14 is the summer deployment in 2011.

    Whether it is a realistic target for you is not answerable by anyone on here who does not know you personally.

    Will you pass CIC first time?
    Will your unit lay on suitable training to continue your development post CIC?
    Will you attend it?
    Will you remember it to allow you develop or are you as thick as mince and therefore going to struggle to progress to the level required for PDT?
    Are you/will you be fit enough?

    In short - yes it is possible - whether it is realistic is up to you and your unit.
  4. Talk to your psi
  5. If im counting right H14 is next Summer? That is summer tour 2011.

    Summer tour is usually March-September(ish) but you would mobilise anything upto 4 months before that to train with the unit you were deploying with.

    If your doing phase 1 training at the min then you have plenty of time before then. If it does start to creep closer to the mobilisation date and you still have not finished training your unit should be able to bump you up the list to get on phase 2 courses (or TSCC/ CIC whatever its called now!)
  6. Thanks for that, i think i'll speak with my unit.
    I'm definatly keen to do the required training. Providing this fits in with my job holiday allowance and that the my battery provide it for me.

    Keep up the good work.
    Good here innit :D
  7. I'm going through phase 1 and I'm joining the R Sigs. Does anyone know if its easy to get mobilised being in R Sigs, or would it be better to re badge as I'm gagging to go on tour!
  8. Look you seem like you're from 101 Regt

    Get your training done. Don't be an idiot and try and rush out there undertrained! Get some courses under your belt. That way you can go out there and be of some use! It is a pie in the sky dream to think you will be eligable for H14 what with the now complete lack of any specialist training (that you will need for which ever regular Regiment you go to).

    Its not like the effing things ending anytime soon!
  9. in my view this is the biggest single issue we need to deal with arising from the suspension of training for the TA.

    i found it hard to believe LAND were encouraging our keen as fcuk, but green as grass, recruits to blindly rush to Afghanistan without the necessary experience and further training they should be getting as a matter of course. OPTAG and any predeployment training with the unit in my view are not enough for a TA soldier to catch up with our regulars.

    i have been told this "policy" has now been shelved and recruits are not to be sold the "volunteer to deploy or no CIC" line. Howeveras yet this message hasnt got out to every company or detachment in my battalion.Confusion reigns as per usual.

    GeordieSteve it is to your credit that you have joined with the intent to deploy on operations but you need to give yourself time to truly assimilate everything you have learned.

    we are going to be in Afghanistan for many years to come mate.
  10. Unlikely. Not many R Signals cap badged slots for Herrick, about 14 if I recall correctly and half of those are actually located in the UK, and that's assuming you have minimum of trade as well. As a newly trained recruit even with trade the chance of being mobilised (intelligently or otherwise) is slim. In my unit, new recruits are not permitted to deploy until they've served a minimum of 18 months since there isn't enough time for them to get their basic skills up to scratch in less. With no phase 2 training being conducted, with the exception of 39SR's trade camp next month, the chance of being traded in this training year is very slim.

    If you really want to mobilise for Herrick, you'd be better off looking at the Arty, Engineers or of course Inf. However, there is still going to be the same issues with gaining a useful trade and getting your skills up to scratch. You also need to ask yourself if you want to be deployed as a Signaller since there is a fair chance you'll end up in a CommCen rather than a FOB or Rear Link Det.

    Others like the_Duke and msr can probably advise on the Inf and Arty respectively.
  11. Much though I hate to say it - cap badge loyalty and all that - I'm in a similar boat. I'd like to deploy on H14 or more realistically H15, but with a RSigs cap badge that does seem unlikely. 201 Battery in Luton looks attractive, assuming they're not still an air mobile unit, it's an hours drive which is a lot more than my local RSigs unit but we;re in a bit of a empty spot for non-Infantry units round here. (Advice from anyone in 201 appreciated on the off chance there's someone about, but there's a couple of artillery types on the TSC(A) course I'm on I'll probably chat to next weekend.
  12. I'd basically look for any teeth arm unit, with a bias towards Inf, Arty and Engineers, possibly also Int. REME, R Signals and RAC aren't probably arms of choice not sure what the situation is with the RLC at present.
  13. If you are signals cap badged you could still end up as a top gunner somewhere suitably unpleasant.
  14. REME guys I've met who've been on Herrick certainly seem to have had their fair share of bayonets-fixed action recently - more so than some TA Inf. who've ended up stuck manning the gate at Camp Bastion. I guess if you're a Recy Mech you're going to get get out a bit.
  15. My bold. I was pln Sgt on midland challenge '08, when I went to Chillwell in Jan for H10 mobilisation there were 4 or 5 lads in the coy from that course- 6 months after they had finished recruit training!
    It is realistic, but the lads I mention above were 'strong' candidates and held up throughout the tour.