Herrick 14 Med Gp - a unsolicited chuck up...


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Relayed by a colleague, thought you might like to see...I was going to post this in the Navy forum - but on reflection it may be of interest to some here.:

Foreword to Journal of the RNMS Volume 97 No2 2011

“ …..I was delighted to be able to engineer a visit to the HERRICK 14 Joint Medical Group soon after arrival in post, in order to get a bit of ‘ground truth’ reality. Whilst officially ‘Joint’, the Medical Group is commanded and nearly 80% manned by the RN – almost 1/3rd of the regular RNMS will have done a tour of duty during H14.

I was hugely impressed with the way the Medical Group were conducting themselves and the smooth calm efficiency with which the whole medical machine is now working. I could not help feeling immensely proud of our people for once again demonstrating the ability to adapt to the Land environment .

As well as the huge personal and professional development value to the individual, the collective experience that we gain as an organisation is immeasurable and makes all the force generation headaches and risk worthwhile. I was particularly humbled by the candid accounts of life on the battlefield from our uncomplaining Close Support medics. Even with my ‘green’ background I am constantly amazed at how well our blue-beret MAs function alongside hardened Royal Marines in the most testing of combat conditions – a real testament to the fortitude and professionalism of our people. All of this is underpinned with visibly taut and highly effective leadership from our Officers and senior Rates. “ ACOS Med September 2011
Bravo Zulu to all who were deployed over the past 6 months....and good luck to the incoming guys and gals.
Indeed. The RN were a pleasure to work with. They made a huge effort, though, to make sure that everyone involved felt part of the team.

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