herrick 13

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sat&sundays, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. alrite people,was wondering if anybody on here has been through chilwell yet for herrick 13? my mob date was put back due to work commitments,a head's up would be much appreciated
  2. Most of the H13 guys went through first week in June.....but i still know a couple of guys going down to RTMC next week....
  3. Mate i went through last month and it's basically a matt's camp. Matt 1 to 9, you must be able to pass AFT 8 mile and get at least an amber on the PFT otherwise you wont be mobilised. The major drama at Chilwell is the Medical if they flag you for anything 9 times out of 10 your fcuked. There are loads of threads that will give you the ins & outs of the course, good luck
  4. they let you though if you get an amber on the PFT? I'd of thought anything other than green gets you RTU'd ..
  5. Umm no.
    RTMC is there to TEST not train as the above poster has wrongly stated. Everyone should be at the required standard which is MATTS level 1. Those that are not are kept on remedial for a week, or taken on risk if you have a fairly long PDT. Someone of my cap badge but not my unit was binned off for not passing one of the MATTS. You will not do any theatre specific training just your MATTS with a weekend off in the middle. Hope that helps
  6. "I heard that its a pre-deployment training at the Reserves Training and Mobilisation Centre at Chilwell"
    This statement was misleading. You don't do any theatre specific pre deployment training that is down to host units. I suppose the refresher lessons before actually doing your tests could be classed as training however CFT/PFT the important tests are pass or fail. You don't get training before you attempt those tests.
  7. People on my course got through, possibly at risk to unit. I mean Green for press ups & sit ups and amber 20 to 30 seconds over your run and AFT 8 mile pass anyone outside that got remidial or demob.
  8. I think that "Training Tests" refers to a test of the training.
  9. They do some training before you do the tests so you don't go in completely cold - so there are lessons for map-reading, WHT... can't remember what else, but you are given every opportunity to pass. The map-reading "exercise" is also pathetic, took me 24 mins to complete and even that wasn't going particularly fast. None of it is anything to worry about, though amazingly 27/~100 infantry soldiers managed to fail the CFT.

    In fact as noted elsewhere Chilwell is pretty well run and while it feels chaotic is actually fairly effective.
  10. thanks guys! mobilization complete! didnt have any dramas,although the 8 miler was a bit cheeky! yes it is just a MATT course,which the instructors rush through,you cant really fail as long as you pay attention! the written test are all multiple choice and prity easy,ur aloud to take notes and the instuctors hint at what you should be noteing down! unless your a complete mong or ******* about you will pass everything,but.... the fitness is up to you,u will be binned for a lack of it! PFT'S,u can resit a few days later,but be realistic...if its mins u need to make up,ur prob not gona do it in a re-test a few days later,if ur still a fail,depending on your time and cap badge,u will be graded amber,and may be accepted at risk,which did happen to a few lads,the AFT has no resit! and is a bit cheeky with a few steep hills in the first 4 mile,if u make it to the last water stop at 6 mile it's flat road all the way home(BEWARE! a group 12 reg paras apparently failed not long before my mob,for bitching to the PT staff about having to do it,so the PT ragged them,and they all failed!) for the people that passed everything else but failed the AFT,they were asked to report back on monday for 2 weeks remideal PT,(no thanks!) if you train before u go down u wont have any worries but if u dont,be prepared to FAIL!!! anyway,i'm off to 5 scots for herrick 13,later!
  11. when you starting at 5 Jocks? because we are all on leave till the 1st of september
  12. Can I suggest you phone 5 Scots ASAP; There can be quite a few screw-ups with postings and timings. Nothing serious, sometimes just the wrong country a month early :)

    Give them a shout to confirm when they want you there.
  13. Don't believe everything some bellend tells you fella.
  14. Roger: The "Reg Paras" were probably 16 Bde TA Logies - who apparently had been shouting their mouths off and paid the price...
  15. Or perhaps just the product of some mong's overactive imagination.