Herrick 13 Mobilisaton - Chilwel Q

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by salslad, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello Peeps & Peepettes,

    Im due to be at Chilwel in July for mob - maybe like a few of you good sorts, though I thought if there would be any chance of getting a day off during the mob, my OH is a bit of an athlete and is racing (in europe) on the weekend and although I could get over to see the race,leaving Friday evening, there is no chance I could get back for the Monday, its the 2nd Monday.

    I know its highly unlikely but is there any chance at all?

  2. Due to the amount of admin and testing that will be going on Im guessing your answer will be no. In my experience, lads have been RTU'd for failing one test so if you are going to miss a whole day then I doubt you will be accepted into service. Good luck to the OH anyway
  3. They wont let you have it off you ll miss too much of the trg package.
  4. definetly no time off given, i needed to see a dentist urgently up there and they would even let me miss the SERE lesson even though i already hold a higher qualification
  5. Thanks all, Just as I thought.

  6. I'm interested to see that your mob date for H13 is July. I'm looking at a Mob date of November for H14. .....
  7. 18th July mob - Deploy early Sept,
  8. It's fine, I'm doing extra PDT to make up for those who can't be bothered to do the whole 6 months :)
  9. If you'd been any good on SERE, you'd have been able to miss the lesson and nobody would have noticed.
  10. Dakota_Stab: [GeekVoice] Uh, actually I hold a higher qualification than this lesson may I be excused?[/Geekvoice]
    DS: Shut up and sit down Catweasel.
  11. sniggers...
  12. IIRC you get the second weekend off, only if you have passed things like the CFT, PFT and things.

    If not then you end up on remedial PT over the weekend and then straight back into it on the monday, however I may be wrong as its been a while since I went through.

    However if you miss a lesson you go home, end of

    A higher qualification than SERE, whats that then? You weren't the one that got away where you :D
  13. fcuking comedians, tis a fair one though.

    bravo bravo, what would you know you've never been through chilwell have you..................waaaaahhh.
  14. Weekends off when I did mine
  15. Chilwell walts...there were no weekends off in the heyday...

    National Shell Filling Factory, Chilwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia