Herrick 12

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by homer4president, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Just been confirmed last night that I am to be mobilised for herrick 12 but still no papers through and no dates or time scale. Anyone in the same boat or able to help me out, my civvie boss is busting my balls!
  2. What trade/Capbadge are you?

    All of our TA personnel deploying with us are in Situ already.
  3. Mate, I would find out which RA Unit is deploying and give them a bell. You will probably be on their OET.
  4. it 4 regt

  5. what i always say, dont believe it till you see the sand!

    TA soldiers going on future mobilisations will now be based on a shopping list from the regs - i.e. rather than TA units providing 'x' number of soldiers/orificers per each Herrick, the regular units will now specify who they need to fill their gaps - in particular, FSTs are undermanned and will require TA pax, so if you're RA and have any OP quals then, in the words of that saturday night tv demon, 'it could be you!'
  6. Cheers Irish, and good guess cause im going as fst. Everything you have said ref shopping list is correct, 6 of us volunteered and im the lucky one who gets to go, woohoo! I know who im going with and all that its just when i go to chilwell i need to know, like i said my boss is doing my tits in!
  7. I've almost but given up on volunteering, as a few of us have been knocked back several times for external reasons (nothing to do with those volunteering), so I'm waiting out and looking at other ways of developing in the meantime.

    Good luck H4P.
  8. Hey homer4president,

    Good luck for Herrick 12, particularly in the FST role. You'll be fine... you've been trained by the best!!! ;)
  9. Cheers Cavalier + HVM Boy.

    HVM Boy, just realised who you are. PM coming
  10. Mate, there is a differance between being told your going and getting the PID and LSN to your unit to start the paperwork. Good luck though keep moaning at them
  11. What are these? Still heard nothing.
  12. Sorry to hi-jack this post but it's not an unrelated question having read what has been written here so far..

    What courses/ skills are most in demand to deploy on the frontline as an infanteer if you are TA? I'm hoping to get a tape back up fairly quickly (once we know what courses are still being run) and am also looking at FAC if possible. Thanks in anticipation.
  13. By FAC I assume you are talking Forward Air Controller.

    Short- Not TA.

    Joint Tactical Air Controllers (JTAC) take a LONG time to train. The course itself isn’t too long but before you are ready to deploy you will need to gain experience talking to/ working with all sorts of NATO aircraft in various scenarios. IIRC they are held as a Bde asset.

    If you are wanting to deploy as infantry the need at the moment is for riflemen/JNCO's. Driving qualifications are always useful (cat C for WMIK/vector I think) and you can never do enough first aid quals. No requirement to do anything glamorous, just looking for keen fit soldiers.

    As MSR will no doubt point out the PSI is the best person to speak to the Bn you are hoping to go with.
  14. Your best bet is to contact the RA CVHQ, it was at Woolwich Bks when 16RA were there but think it may have moved. But try google to find info.

    It's what I did whilst waiting for my call up papers and a set was emailed to me.