Heros Story "Too Positive" for BBC

The man from the Telegraph said:
The corporation has cancelled the commission for a 90-minute drama about Britain's youngest surviving Victoria Cross hero because it feared it would alienate members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq.

The BBC's retreat from the project, which had the working title Victoria Cross, has sparked accusations of cowardice and will reignite the debate about the broadcaster's alleged lack of patriotism.
Perhaps if he had jacked his hand in at the first opportunity it would have made a more compelling story for "members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq"??

If we're lucky, perhaps he might get on the next celebity pet programme without causing too much offence??
The BBC - for all its many faults - tends to reflect public sentiment, and we are currently going through a "Tommy go away" phase of public opinion. So it's not surprising to read of this decision.

But it still seems quite disgraceful; and the BBC should be asked to give a full account of why it hasn't gone ahead.

Youngsters need role-models like this.

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