Heros mission in Basra

Going to Twickenham on 20th Sept then ?

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De-classified MisRep follows......

Mission imagery HERE

Advance Int brief HERE
Special Mission.... Basra, Iraq - August 2008

Today at 2:15am

Well, we all got back safely from Iraq. I think the baddies had heard about my reputation as a bear knuckle fighter and left us alone... I don’t blame them as I can be ferocious when annoyed.

We flew into Iraq in a airplane called Hercules (a good name for a bear I thought) or, as us pilots call it, a C 130. The crew asked me to take the controls as we crossed the border and I think they were reassured to have me on board. We had to turn all the lights out and put our body armour and helmets on and hum the tune from The Dambusters to keep ourselves feeling brave but we landed without any problems.

After an egg banjo in the cookhouse we went to sleep in very snug beds with a roof of sandbags to keep us safe. The rugby players were worried about snakes but I told them that no snake was going to come close while I was on stag....big girlies!

The next day we had a big breakfast with plenty of porridge and then we had a lecture in the Intelligence Cell. The very Intelligent Officer told us how things are really much better than they were a few months ago since an operation called Charge of the Knights. I think that was something to do with King Arthur but whatever...

It was very hot and I had to work hard to keep the boys from flagging and make sure they drank lots of water. We drove around on some quad bikes which was fun and then Scott and Iuean had a go shooting pistols on the range. Scott is a very good shot but when he had a go with a SA 80 rifle he fired it from his left shoulder, which is wrong and he cut his lip..silly boy! I thought he was going to cry for a moment but then we cheered him up with the offer of a milkshake.

After our milkshake, we met some real Heroes, soldiers from the First Fusiliers (Royal Regiment of Fusiliers) and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. One of the Dragons showed me how to play the bagpipes and I played a very good tune called Black Bear. The soldiers have to wear very heavy armour and carry lads of bullets and things which must be hard when it is so hot. I told them to bear up and that we all think they are great.

Next, we went to see the hospital which is amazing. It has all the things you find in a hospital at home but in a big tent instead. I had a bit of a turn, it was hours since breakfast, and the doctors and nurses gave me some oxygen to make me better... I would have preferred a little snack to keep my morale up. I had a full check up including an Xray which showed that I had a very empty tummy and then a CAT scan but luckily they didn’t find any cats.

After a really good lunch ( at long last) in a smart new cookhouse, we chilled out for a while before before going to watch a rugby tournament which the team from First Fusiliers won.. Hooray! I presented the prizes and everyone wanted my autograph and to talk about the big rugby match on the 20th September. They can’t wait to see me in action at Twickers!

We met the General and I gave him some good advice before packing up our kit and going to catch another airplane home. This time it was an even bigger one called a C 17 and it can carry a tank! There were some wounded soldiers going home but they were not badly hurt and seemed happy. By this time I was a very sleepy bear and so I unrolled my ‘maggot’ ( sleeping bag) and had a kip in the floor until we got home to RAF Brize Norton in time for a good days work at Headquarters, Help for Heroes (HQ H4H).

We had a great trip and we met some brilliant people.... now I am wondering when I will get my medal... I certainly deserve it

Keep low; move fast

Hero, The Combat Bear

Oy ! Slingsby are you realy getting a hand job in this pic ?

I suppose that would explain the oxygen... ( lucky barsteward )


edited to add Good drills anyway, just dont let the Sun see this ........


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WCW, ahem, you were evidently asleep at the 'O' group having taken on too much pop the night before........this is NOT Slingsby, Sgt A 24693331

This is Bear, 1 ere Classe << HERO >> 1H4H, on a close protection mission in Basra. Same fur, different cap-badge.

He says the scab-lifters were okay but he could have done without the media monkeys hassling him to shape up all the time.

Listen in at the back.

Don Cabra

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