Heros Concert

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. Gimmick or well worthy event??? I think the latter?

  2. I've just finished watching it. Excellent event. Great to see globa megastars such as Tom Jones and Robbie Williams dong their bit. Tom Jones was so choked up he could hardly sing. Those two, James Blunt, and various others (who don't need to do a damn thing for anyone if they don't want to) were not only generous of their time for this cause, but were fantastically eloquent in what they had to say. Well done everyone involved.

    And yes, a well worthwhile event not only for the money raised, but also for the publicity to a worthwhile cause.

    Also Katherine Jenkins is a hard working supporter of the forces as well as being a total babe!
  3. Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow together for the first time in 15 years, worthy event.
    Defo a good cause the missus and nipper have gone to it, I'll catch it on BFBS tomorrow. I hope the person I bought a ticket for has has a good time and wasn't a REME VM with big hands.
  4. I'm a bit drunk at the moment so starting this thread could have been a bit dangerous, I think it is totally worth while, will post again tomorrow once I have slept off the drink lol. sure I will have more sensible things to say in the morning

  5. recorded it for later had to watch rugby so had to record heartbeat as well !!.Will wacth it later
  6. Great to see so much publicity and money being raised for a worthy cause

    On the other hand, some of those groups who sang were just awful.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The first hour was dire but Ms Jenkins kicked off a great last hour.
  8. I switched it on a bit late. Caught some girl called Pixiie Lott singing badly, James Blunt who spoke well and then some god awful Davina McCall impressionist that made my toes curl BEFORE she started embarressing Prince Harry. Had to turn over then, just couldnt watch it.
  9. Good show - something for everyone even if nobody would like it all.

    Only downside - pity it didn't get more advance publicity, I only found out about it when a friend text me just before it started because she knew I'd be interested in anything to do with Help for Heroes
  10. I cannot abide Katherine Jenkins or James Blunt, so hopefully he is getting balls-deep in her but leaving her miserable and unsatiated...

    A strange view of kharma but mine own.

    I thought it was all very good and a few of the talent went up in my estimation because they participated, particularly Michael McIntyre who normally I pretty much bar. It was nice to see Robbie and Gary singing together and hopefully a taster of the Take That full reunion later this summer - they are the best pop act around at present and Gary Barlow is a master of the song-writer's and record producer's crafts.
  11. Pixie Lotts singing was awful but there were several great shots of her arse. That Divina McCall impersonator was embarrassing!

    I thought the publicity was pretty poor, I didnt know it was on until my sister-in-law text me to say Brucie (Forsyth?) was awful.
  12. Veritas; have to agree with you about the bint Pixie Lott, waste of space in my opinion. Young Master Blunt wasn't bad but that witch snorting as though she was Miss McCall got right under my bell-end. Mind you, tied to a 6ft plank with flaps wide open, I'd make her snort!

    I'm still not sure about Robbie Williams. Coming on stage rubbing his crotch as though he has a flock of frogs down there can't be good as there would be quite a few of his younger fans still watching. OK, he's not a bad singer and most of the songs are well written but did he write them? I don't think so. All in all though, a good ego trip for him and his new bestest mate Gary.
  13. I saw Pixie Lott and reminded myself why mime was brought in for live act's very few can prance around and sing at the same time, she wasn't one. That said in all fairness I would split her arrsehole wide apart given the chance:)
    Still it's for charidee so doesn't matter really all for a good cause an all that.
  14. I had heard about it a month or so ago but cant think of where...

    I would have definetly gone but the timings and money were consiring against me. I would have gone with my best mate for a pissup as well. But got told in no uncertain terms by OA tha I would have bee taking her.

    Though the first hour was poor and not sure wheter some acts were just clipped down to 1 track. Last hour was better, the davina bird news burning at a stake!!

    Jenkins was good and as echoed already Pixie Lott was dire, but was split her every which way how given half a chance along with The Saturdays and Jenkins
  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Noticed that when he was giving his speech about 'heroes' he was reading from a script on the floor by his mike.