Heros are not made, merely uncovered



Heroes need to be uncovered and recognised for what they are.  One of the SBS has just been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour-the highest US award for his gallantry in Afghanistan.  why have we not recognised the same gallantry by awarding any VC's?

Mr Happy

I think because:

VC conditions are much higher than CMH's

Yanks hand out too many medals as it is.

Brit medals aren't going out until later this year

I head the RSM of 22 was up for a VC


Rog that-I thought he was one of the Conspic Gallantry Crosses.  One of the requirements for VC is to be observed doing the deed by a senior officer-so who was watching when H Jones copped it?
The eyes of the nation were upon him....mmmm.
It never does to begrudge anyone an award...almost anyone in the forces could get decorated if they were in the right place at the right time. However we are far too quick to chide and slow to bless...and the idea thaf UKSF don't get VCs because 'it's your job to be nails...gerronwithit'....really...what crap. We shouldn't go the US route but we are far too stingy.
Here's a wierd one...folk routinely go to the Falklands on a 'deter' mission...the operation has a desk at PJHQ....people are told they're going on an 'operational tour' before they get there...and then it's treated like a buckshee garrison posting. Not a lot of people know this, but 18 months ago Argentine SF cocked up a recce on East Falkland and left a load of gear behind. And what was the gallant UK response.....
Not until recently, anyway!
So accept its an opeational tour, and give them a South Atlantic medal without a rosette, or add a bar to the general service medal...(the reason our medals have long ribbons).