Heros Agony

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by DOGMAN, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Hero's agony
    Museum won't let Gurkha, 89, have his VC

    Museum chiefs have broken a Gurkha war hero's heart by refusing to let him see his treasured Victoria Cross one final time. Fearless Lieutenant Tulbahadur Pun, 89, won the nation's top medal for bravery during World War II. Aged just 21, he single-handedly stormed two Japanese armed positions with his Bren Gun blazing from his hip after his comrades were wiped out in Burma.

    Now the aging hero, who lives in poverty in Nepal, has begged his old Army Regiment's museum to send him his medal so he can wear it with pride one last time before he dies. But museum bosses have refused, saying that the VC no longer belongs to him. Tulbahadur, one of only twelve winners of the VC still alive, is too unwell to travel to the UK.

    He said he handed over the medal to the Gurkha Museum in Winchester, Hants., for safekeeping in the 70's on officers' advice. He told the Sun, "Until 1995, I used to go to the UK and wear my Victoria Cross. Now I would like to wear it again before I leave the earth. I can't understand why they won't let me". The grandfather of 15 is forced to spend all his VC pension on medicines for his heart problems.

    Now, because of how he is being treated, Tulbahadur says he now wants his medal returned to him so that it can be buried with him, along with his other medals.


    London Barrister, Rebekah Wilson, who is representing him said, "The medal is something he cherishes. Time is not on his side, and I think it would be shameful if he did not get to see his medal again". But Gurkha Museum curator, Gerald Davies, said "Tulbahadur Pun's medal has been donated to the museum by his Regimental Association. We have a duty of care to ensure this medal is available to the public to see and that it is secure".

    The citation for Tulbahadur's VC praises his "outstanding courage and superb gallantry" in capturing the Japanese machine-gun posts and killing three enemies.

    Now, regardless of whether the Gurkha Museum thinks that this man's Victoria Cross should be seen by the public, this doesn't take precidence over the wishes of the owner. If this man now wishes to have his medal returned, for whatever rason, then it should be returned to him without question. In fact, they should be grateful that he was kind enough to allow them to have it for so long. Therein lies the problem ... they now want to keep it instead of returning it to its rightful owner. If this man wishes to give it to his family or, as he has stated to have it buried with him, then that is his prerogative. More to the point, no Regimental Association has the right to give someone elses property to their museum. :x :x :x :x :x

    ...and if you feel like writing as I have done here's the address:

    General Sir Sam Cowan KCB CBE (President)
    The Gurkha Brigade Association
    Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas
    Airfield Camp
    Wilts SP4 9SF
  2. see this thread, see cpunk's comments bottom of page 3. Might be worth doing a bit of a search for further facts before launching off a one man campaign against the gurkha museum. If he did sell his medal, your (bolded) comment is legally wrong.

    BTW interesting first post, giving name and address of a serving(i think :? ) officer. do you have a similar surname to the author of the original piece?