Herores Sacked - TA soldiers sacked by employers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. I know it's the Mirror, but I don't think they've faked this article!


  3. The Reserve Forces Act means nothing to a rogue employer, there are simply too many get out clauses that allow the employer to circumvent the legislation.

    Ma TA soldires who are mobilised simply hand their notice in because they know they will not have a job when they return, and of course who wants to employ them upon return from Iraq with the possibilities of further mobilisation.

    The simple answer is for the government to properly compensate the employer for firstly employing members of the reserve forces and secondly supporting them during deployment. Dismissal should be outlawed.
  4. There should also be a name and shame campaign launched against these employers. Hit them in their profits or start Shareholders asking awkward questionsat the AGM and they will soon change their policies.
  5. Bunch of CNUTS!


    These people need a good shoeing, and I'm not talking about taking them to a good cobbler!

  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Speaing for a moment with my "Employers" hat on I can understand the strain on a small employer when you lose a member of the team, that not withstanding anyone who dismisses some one who is away on op's is plain and simple a C*nt! Name them in the press and sue their arse's.
  7. shoot the *******
    or just phone them up in the night" the lad you sacked seems to have walked out of the armoury with a gat he did'nt seem to be very happy"
    you do have good door locks don't you
    oh you want us to do something well we'd love to help but defence cuts limits
    what help we can offer .
    yes hiding under the bed would be a good idea :twisted:
  8. Its a simple choice. You either work as a responsible person abiding by the rules of your employer or you leave and in order to go and play soldiers for a few months.
    Why should employers have to put up with people taking extended holidays for months on end ? Its certainly not something I would put up with.By all means these people should be allowed to go and have a go at being real soldiers if they so wish and I admire thier commitment but it is a tad unreasonable to expect thier employers to sit around tapping thier fingers for 6 months or whatever it is waiting for them to return.
  9. Be interesting to see the faces at the AGM when the demonstrators turn up in uniform, clutching their required one share certificate..
  10. This is meant to be ironic - right?
    'Holidays' quotha! This is something up with which we should not put.
    I have a mate who did a TA tour in Iraq this year, he has been injured and is not yet fit for work. Luckily he has a strong Union and, because of this, an understanding boss.
    Many employers say that they prefer employees with TA experience as it makes them more efficient, more adaptable and more responsible.
  11. Why aren't companies required to keep mobilised TA soldiers on their books, at the same wage (plus any reasonable increases) for a year after they return from operations?

    No loopholes. No "it's not that we've fired you, it's just your job's been cut - sorry."

    The employers would squeal, but it's not that much of an issue from their side - 40,000 TA personnel, out of a total working population of around 30 million?

  12. logical_log, you are as much use as a nun's c*nt. Take your idiotic comments elsewhere and go back to licking windows.
  13. TA, AR, ANG, CMF whatever were set up for the big one. Employers were generally supportive of compentent people who were prepared to serve. I was CMF/AR and supported by employers. That was in a different era when it meant the big one and not meaningless efforts with inadequate forces in obscure places for no real advantage.

    Apologies to those who think I am not sympathetic to what they do.
  14. ARRSE wants employers names!

    Put what they did and there names on front page of every paper for a week are two and I bet they have a very sudden change of heart on matter.
  15. Having read through most of your posts since you have joined this site you have had nothing useful to say!! What is your agenda? Have you been rejected by the Army or feel hard done by? I suggest you keep your pathetic and idiotic comments to yourself and do not bore everyone on this site with them.