I've come up with an outstanding business idea, and I've no doubt that it would make me millions.

I've even mentioned it to a few friends over beers, and they agree with me.

However, the idea is so morally bankrupt, and I would have to move to a foreign country and live as a recluse.


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Maybe post it in the Jobs bit? Ex Mil are way more suited to going it alone and starting a business than they think they are. They usually just need a ******* slap and somebody to tell them to drill down, and identify their core skills. Hunter - Gatherer. Hello?

Good luck with it.
Your right most have the skill set to run their own business all they require is the procedure. Thanks TheIronDuke and please pass onto your contacts.
We've had some great contacts asking for details about the event. It'll be a lively night with some fantastic networking going on. Look forward to seeing you there.
We are looking towards running several events: We have another event being planned for the 11 Sept at Tidworth. More details to follow in the near future.

Regards Hitback

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