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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by OldSnowy, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've recently been getting a lot of trouble with a Heron (I presume it's the same one, they all look pretty similar to me) coming down into the garden and killing my innocent goldfish. I've got netting over the pond, but the bugger has learned fast, and has recently either landed on it, so that it gets pushed into the water and he can go on fishing (although he can't eat them through the net - he just kills them anyway) or pushes it out of the way and gets his neck into the edge of the water, and kills things that way.

    Now to be plain, I realise that this is the Shooting forum, and that it is strictly illegal to shoot Herons in the UK, but I'm at my wit's end, and thought people here would have some sensible advice. Decoys are crap, a water-spray thing just gave him a cooling rinse, and now he's managed to get though the netting. If I was a nastier chap, I'd use my good old .22" BSA air rifle on him, but as I say that's illegal (and I may not kill him first shot, which could prove dangerous - to us both...). Oh, and the RSPB website recommends my abandoning the fish, and embracing the wonders of seeing a Heron in my garden. Great idea, but once he's eaten all my fish, frogs, etc., I'll never see him again.

    Any suggestions? Failing that, anyone got any decent Heron recipes?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    A fullsize Heron decoy works fine for my neighbour in France - used to lose a lot of fish now no problem.
  3. Killing/Eating Herons has only been illegal since 1981.Skin the bugger and casserole at 180oC for 3 hours.The meat is dark,tough and fishy(no sh1t,sherlock) but not as dark,tough and fishy as a cormorant.
  4. There are two things to try that are worthwhile
    1 - You can get a fitting that goes on a hose and has PIR on it. Heron lands and gets a good blast of water.
    Does it work? Yes but it is very heavy on battery power so make sure that you gets the mains adapter
    2 - a low level electric fence unit that is made especially for this purpose. Does it work? Yes and you can sometimes have the added bonus of bagging a cat :)
    3 - Plaky heron
    Does it work? I can't maker up my mind on this as I have had one these b*****ds for a long time and the flying b*****ds still come in to feed and don't seem that put off by it
  5. I would use a rigid net that can't drop into the water, one of my neighbours had similar problems a few years ago and the normal net just sagged into the water so he used a rigid wire mesh to keep the bastards at bay!
    I'm also aware that cormorants are becoming a problem especially on some lakes & fish farms. These again are protected and are increasingly moving further inland to get a good meal causing severe problems in some areas!
    Of course the dogooders say they are part of nature but in ever increasing numbers they can devastate a lake, river or fish farm!
  6. I believe that there are circumstances where lethal force may be used against Cormorants but I can't remember twhat they are.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    PjAD, when all else fails, PE4 and 650 steel balls.
  8. I can lend you my Pointer? he has been known to leap 8ft to pull a phesant out of the sky..... cant gaurantee the retrieve though he can be a little head strong.....
  9. Seconded. Meat is good but cook slowly. Cormorant is very good too, make a soup with barley and said bird with a few onions and carrots. Both are still eaten up here. 8O
  10. I'd just shoot it. Who will know? Or put a dead goldfish with a large hook through it attached to 1m of line in the pond so when the heron swallows the fish it will get stuck. Then run out of the house and beat it to death with a cricket bat.
  11. Build a pergoda over the pond or raise the pond as they aint too good at balancing on a wall , a good bird scarer is a round wood disk about the size of a dustbin lid painted yellow with a black pupil , nail that to your fence over looking your pond. Apparently it looks too much like a big eye of a predator & they spot it while swooping down into your garden & abort at the last minute.

  12. From the RSPB website -

    Unbelievable. I hate the RSPB. Woodpeckers, herons, crows, magpies, sparrowhawks all need shooting. But not as much as cats.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Herons dont like people, so stag on!
  14. 'Woodpeckers' ??? you cant shoot them there would be no cider......