Heroin Hell Of 120,000 Children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 25, 2007.

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    The photo and article are shocking enough. This is the most shocking part:

    What on earth is going on? Why do clueless social workers think it is a good idea to leave children with this sort of person? If it had been a middle-class wine drinker or bottom smacker, the kids would be in care before you could say "Orkney Islands Satanic Child Abuse" courtesy of the SS (social services).

    I believe there is an entrenched attitude amongst professionals that the feckess and drug-addled are "deprived" (on a par with a disability and not their fault) with the real causes of society's anguish being the middle classes - substance abusers (red wine), child abusers (the occasional reprimand rather than drug-fuelled neglect) and potential psychopaths (unproven diseases like Munchausen's by Proxy apparently endemic, as cited by so-called "experts").

    Next time someone finds the kids (as they will - hopefully alive) they should probably drop them off somewhere other than Clackmannanshire Council - there are other local authorities within 5 minutes drive from anywhere in Clackmannan!

  2. Meanwhile....


    "She is, on first impressions, just like any other first-time mother. The cot and the pram are on order, she has bought more cuddly toys than she will ever need and she has even given her little girl a name – Molly.

    With less than six weeks to go before the birth, the baby is kicking and it brings Fran Lyon an undeniable thrill of pleasure. At least, it does now she finally feels safe to enjoy it.

    For all the innocent joys of impending motherhood have been denied Fran since social workers warned her four months ago that Molly would be taken away ten minutes after birth and placed with foster parents.

    Fran, a third-year student doing a neuro-science degree at Edinburgh University, is, to everyone who knows her, a sociable, kind and intelligent woman. But to her local authority she is a danger to herself and her baby. "
  3. Heroin addicts should be shot. They are useless and a drain on society. Why do we bother putting up with them?
  4. I can understand your anger, but it begs the question, 'What would you do with the kids?'.. My immediate reaction would be to take them and hand them into the care of Social Services. Job done, all neat and tidy, clap the addict round the ear'ole on the way out and everything is fluffy little clouds....
    Then I read this from the above report... ......"The reality of our public care system is that it fails many of our young people, with outcomes such as low educational attainment, increased risk of drug use, mental illness, homelessness and offending, and a lack of identity and self-esteem. Before we can be confident of giving Scotland's most vulnerable children a safer, happier and more secure childhood, much more needs to be done to address the failings of our public care system.".....

    It says something about our society, and it isn't anything nice, when the alternative to leaving kids like that, with parents like that, cannot be guaranteed to make anything better, and in actual fact might be worse.
  5. It is even worse. Not only is a child raised by the state far more likely to do poorly in life but it costs a fortune as well. Something like £2,500/week to raise a child badly.
  6. It wouldn't cost a fortune is babies were adopted rather than left with junkie parents. These people do not deserve to have children - they forfeited their chance when they took drugs. There are many people who want children and for whatever reason cannot have them - let them have a chance at parenthood - from what I gther about the adoption process if they are prepared to go through it then they deserve a family - unlike the iliterate moronic chavs who get pregnant to get a council flat and their feckless waste of space boyfriends
  7. Seconded! :x
  8. It could be worse the kid might have been with the MaCanns.
  9. Got to admitt pretty much not shocked by anything and normaly one to crack sick and snide comments but that picture and report for once has left me speechless. What utter scum could even think of doing that whilst in control of a baby. Kid should be put into foaster care ASAP and shame on the council for not doing it
  10. This case re-inforces the idea that Britian should adopt the same attitude to drugs as Singapore.

    That is the possesion of narcotics when they exceed low quantities result in the person/s in possesion of said narcotics are deemed to be trafficers and upon conviction there is only one penalty available to the court,that is the death penalty.

    There are also strict sanctions available to deal with addicts.

    As a guide the following sanctions should be the only option available to the courts in Britian;

    Result of a positive drugs test-loss of employment,barred from entitlement to any welfare payments,confiscation of driving licence and passport.

    Conviction of smuggling ot trafficking drugs,death penalty.

    The prevalance of narcotics if not checked will lead to a total breakdown of law and order in Britian.

    The narco trade operates in league with human smuggling,prostitution and terrorism.

    The do-gooder brigade will never let this happen,as to them the rights of druggie scum come before law-abiding members of society.
  11. Flipping nanny state, just cant believe this. lock him away
  12. Just saw the picture, read the article and the posts. It's absolutely tragic and shocking to see how young children are having to grow up in that kind of environment. Social Services don't seem to have a good track record when it comes to dealing with this type of case. Surely the children should have been removed immediately from the parents, who are clearly incapable of looking after them properly, and placed under a child protection order?

    For those of you who, like me, are completely appalled by this, please could you also go to the forum entitled 'Free Heroin anyone?".

    I've been trying to convince some of the people on that forum that drugs should NOT be legalised in the UK.

    For some strange reason, there are people on that 'Free heroin forum' who seem to think it would be a good idea to legalise heroin and other drugs in the UK.

    The image of the child and story on this should be enough to convince anyone that heroin, etc should NEVER be legalised in the UK.

    I could never accept that and I hope that most decent minded people will agree with me on that one.
  13. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Read the second story re: social services. I know its the Mail, but I've seen a lot of similar stories from more reputable outlets.

    To be honest, I find that a hundred times more disturbing than the heroin addict story. Yes, some people are cnuts, we know this. At least they are relatively easy to identify and deal with. But there always have been and will be cnuts, we aren't going to get rid of them.

    The issue with social services & family courts involves an entire State system, with all the power behind it that entails, little to no transparency, and practically no recourse to challenge their decisions. And it increasingly seems to be doing precisely the same thing as that smacked up bloke; namely, child abuse. Taking away children from their mothers or family, often with no explanation, no good reason, and no option to reverse the decision; and putting them into demonstrably poorer circumstances.

    No amount of public outrage is going to change some heroin addicts taking heroin. It might be able to change a public service.