Heroin and Anthrax-Not a good mix

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HectortheInspector, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. We are losing a trick here. The lads and lasses out in Afghanistan could mix poison in to the heroin they interdict and then let it go on it's merry way. We'd soon be rid of a load of druggie 02 thiefs and the country would be better off. :D
  2. Better not to call anybody and let the dirty druggy fuckers die.
  3. have to get hold of some give our junkies a chance to get back drug death capital of the UK off blackpool :twisted:
    I can't imagine why I no longer work with the homeless :?
  4. Mmmm does sort out a lot of problems, but Anthrax is a slow way to die, couldn't whoever sold it used something quicker, saves NHS resources, just need a crematorium then.
  5. Sounds like a great mix to me, not as good as arsenic but it is a starter.
  6. Think of the entertainment value laughing and pointing, you could even use sharp sticks for added wow factor.

    Save on the crem just a pile of old tyres and just keep throwing them on the top. Also think of the money saved in wasted "drug rehabilitation" programs and if introduced to prisons will solve over crowding at a stroke.
  7. I did some drugs policy work earlier in my career. Basically, any old white powder available is used as a cutting agent, to bulk up the raw H. This includes stuff like talcum powder, starch, flour, caffeine, sugar, flour, or chalk. None of this is particularly good for your veins.

    Apparently, the Afghans sometimes use bonemeal, so that could be the source of the bug.

    Personally, I have no objection to junkies dropping dead, I just don't really want them to be carrying something infectious around in the mean time.
  8. Great stuff the more that peg it the better
  9. Once offered to solve the heroin problem in brighton for £2000 van roll of black bags.
    silenced rifle chainsaw and hire of an industrial woodchipper sorted.

    homeless czar not impressed I was very drunk :D
  10. Christmas one week early. :D :twisted:
  11. Even better that they are weegies

    Can we mass produce this for other parts of the UK :p
  12. I know that it is a terrible drug, and that it ruins lives and communities, but it is ever so more-ish.
  13. Another great Scottish invention! :highfive:

    Of course, to ensure maximum effectiveness, we will have to give it away free to the junkies. This may be intially expensive, but when you count the savings in drug rehabilitaions, the NHS, Drug-related Crime... :twisted:
  14. You are Russel Brand and I claim my £10(or Katie Perry's knickers, either's good). :D