Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sixty, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    My place of work has recently asked that we make a list of five 'heroes' that will have to be shared and commented upon by the rest. It's some sort of corporate / team building bollocks apparently.

    Resigned as I am to this pish and having fought my urge to go for Fred West and such, I've come up with:

    King Robert I
    Julius Caesar
    Patrick Roy

    and Maurice Richard.

    I'd like to know if the rest of you have people you admire (and not just as a spur of the moment sop to the consultants who asked as mine are)
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  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Perm any five from these........................

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  3. 'Corporate team building', eh? That deprives most people of the will to live, although 'role playing' is arguably the really excruciating bit.

    I, personally, have no heroes, they've all got feet of clay, but maybe this list will shut your tormentors up for a while. Or maybe not.

    Gordon Gecko
    Tyler Durden
    Warren Anderson
    Tony Hayward
    Lord Pirrie
  4. You have missed an obvious easy candidate a team building disussion:-

    Winston S Churchill for:-

    Leadership - understood and set the spirit of a nation

    Communications - Brilliant orator and excellent written skills - minutes on one side of a piece of paper

    Team building - takes a lot of skill for a conserative politician to build a cabinet from the leader of the opposition and trade union leadsers.

    Moraity - he waged a war fopr national survival while keeping on the moral high ground and inventing with FDR a tjhe four freedoms and the atlantic charter which are the goals of the free world.

    Everyone knows hwo he is but most are ill informed and he attracts criticism as an imperialist - but he is a good candidate.

    In fact if you can persuade your company to adopt winnine as a hero I can put them in touch with a management development consultancy that uses him as a role model- for a commission obviously ;)

    If you have to put up with management nonsense - at least use one of the best as inspiration
  5. Max Rockatansky.
  6. chuck Norris ;)
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  7. Auld Yin's are hard to beat but I go for;

    Mr. Benn
    Mr. Benn's pal with the Tailor shop.
    Martin McGuiness
    Gerry Adams
    Bernadette Devlin
  8. Fred
    Daphny (she'd still get it!)
    Scooby Do
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  9. Check the avatar. Xuanye Aisin-Gioro a.k.a. Qing Shengzu, the Kangxi Emperor. Soldier, scholar, scientist, statesman, patron of the arts and polymath. Encouraged China to learn from Western science, was no mean mathematician in his own right and according to the Jesuit Karel Slavícek played a pretty good harpsichord.
  10. Very brief thread hijack;

    I often wondered who your avatar was.

    I read a book a few years ago by Gavin Menzies "1421 The Year China Discovered The World" very interesting, dunno how true though, but I enjoyed it.
  11. History.

    Always written by the victors.

    You need to google Mr Churchills name, and understand how The Allies finished top in WW2, in spite of Mr Churchchill, and not because of him.

    Here is a starter for ten.

    The fall of Singapore - blame him!

    I always thought Churchill was a decent bloke, but it seems to me( if you dig around on the internet) he is just a precursor to our modern day politicians.
  12. Your Dad
    Richard Todd
    Otto Skorzeny
    Sven Hassel

    Team building chat, let them chew the bones out of the last two.

    Don't forget, fictional characters count
  13. Eddie the Eagle
    Frank Gallagher
    Costas Georgiou
    And last but not least, Hong Kong Phooey
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  14. One comment I read was, "Menzies must be a very good historian to make so very little evidence do so very much work". The hard evidence on Zheng He's voyages showed they were pretty spectacular accomplishments, there was no need to gild the lily to that extent.
  15. In which case, your Flashman must definitely be number 1 (well, he's my hero, anyway)
    Followed by:
    Horatio Hornblower (but not the one portrayed by Gregory Peck)
    Robin Hood (but not the PC prat portrayed by Kevin Costner)
    James Bond (he was a nasty shit to women in the books, slapping them around whilst mixing a perfect martini)
    The Emperor Mong (Now, he really exists as I have had several run ins with him)
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