Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by skywalker21, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. With a hand upon my heart, I feel The pride and respect; my reverence is revealed In the tears that now stream down my upturned face As our flag waves above you, in her glory and grace. Freedom was the gift that you unselfishly gave Pain and death was the price that you ultimately paid. Every day, I give my utmost admiration To those who had fought to defend our nation.

    As most on this site, my son's life was sadly taken away from him. We must never forget these brave men who have laid down their lives for us in the bid for freedom. Nor should we forgot those still out there fighting so this freedom can continue.

  2. Thank you skywalker 21.

  3. How about Bosnia?? Kosovo?? Northern Ireland???
  4. That's a very nice post Skywalker and I'm very saddened to hear of your loss.

    Whilst I cannot begin to imagine your loss, I truly hope you are keeping strong.
  5. I thank those who have posted a reply to my message.

    I am wondering if there is anyone out there that can help me. Even though my son lost his life for this country, all his personal possessions, equipment etc which he had collected for five years have been stolen,looted. I have been told by the MoD and his regiment not to use the word looted as it only applies to the enemy, perhaps they should take a lesson in english.....

    I have been trying to get my son's things back since September 06 and now the story is that he sold all his personal possessions before going to Afghanistan>>>>> What these idiots dont realise is that my son told me that he had five boxes. On further investigation the 3 paras confirm that they have given boxes back to the Royal Irish Regiment yet in September 2006 the Royal Irish told me that he did not have any boxes in Colchester. So somewhere along the transport of my son's boxes his possessions were looted. The boxes he had left back in the camp were also looted. I am still fighting this and yet the MoD Police are saying that they cannot put anyone on a lie detector because it is not legal in this country. I have asked to be present right from the beginning but they have refused this. One soldier has personal possessions of my son's and when told to hand them back would not. He also owes a lot of money and I will be this week issuing a summons against him for this.

    I have asked the Regiment, MoD etc for the form which is filled out by every soldier before he is deployed, their answer which does not surprise me is that they dont know where it is.

    The MoD police are **&&^useless and now and I quote "your son must of be lying when he told you about the boxes" my response "what the **&&^ are you talking about, how can you now call my son a liar when he is not here to defend himself, is that your way out of this case? You are all a disgrace and I promise if it means picking up a gun and becoming a criminal, as criminals seem to have more rights in this country then the innocent, then I will do it.....Are you going to arrest me".....Mod's response "no as we know what you are going through" .....me "well why cant you get my son's personal possessions back then?......"

    I have told them if it takes me 10 years those who have stolen from a dead soldier will be punished and those who have lied will be exposed if it is the last good thing I do on this earth.

    Since my son was killed the MoD and his regiment and turned their backs on us. One LtCol stated at the memorial that they would protect their live soldiers, so my son lost his life to be treated with disrespect in death.

    Those soldiers out there who know about my son's possessions, be warned a bad turn will always come around and bite you on the arse....Remember that you also will not be honoured if anything happens to you........My son is not the only soldier who has suffered this.

    I am at my wits end and will be writing a book with all the letters from me and received from the MoD in order that others will be forwarned about the disgraceful way a deceased soldiers' possessions are dealt with.

    Are the MoD really above the law? How many strong and fearless people who are willing to fight for what is right is out there??....

    Is there anyone who can help me progress this further....

    Oh yes! I have basically be offered money to shut up, nice hey....

    come back to me with your help please

    Kindest regards to all of you
  6. You know I am sorry if you feel upset that I did not mention the other countries where soldiers have lost their lives, but perhaps if you have a broad mind you will understand anyone who has lost their lives to a war are heroes as they are doing a job no one wants to do.

    The war in the above countries is because so many of the soldiers have lost their lives through faulty equipment, negligence etc.......if you can give me news on those you know have lost their lives in the countries you have mentioned and what they families went through with the MoD I would appreciate it.
  7. Hi Skywalker,

    Whilst I sympathise fully with you over the tragic loss of your son, I have had to edit your post, regarding names.

    Is this particular part of your son's death still under active investigation?
  8. Without wishing to state the obvious, you need proper legal advice here and the ear of a good journalist.
  9. Skywalker - Again sorry to hear of your loss.

    Biscuit's advice here regarding legal input is essential. If that isn't succesful, then plan B should be to raise the issue to a wider audience.

    November is a long way away, so yes, let's take the opportunity to raise a glass and remember all of the fallen, and their families.

    Welcome to ARRSE.
  10. Apt was never in it...

    My deepest sympathies for your loss Skywalker21, his sacrifice and those of every other brave man and woman serving their country shall never be forgotten.
  11. Who the feck could do such a thing?,skywalker21 I am sorry for your loss and I am gobsmacked that this has happened,stealing from a dead soldier unbelievable,we used to borrow shirts and jeans from the drying rooms and put them back after a night out but this is disgusting and I must agree with Biscuits_AB
  12. Was there not a kit auction?
  13. The investigation into his stolen possessions is at an end and there is nothing the MoD police say they can do.

    I understand you taking the names out, but isnt it about time to name and shame those who lie to us?

    I am really fedup with being threatened to keep quiet about things.

    Again thank you
  14. You are not stating the obvious, but when I speak to journalists they cannot print everything because of the legal threat the MoD can do. One journalist said "the MoD are a big concern and can take us down".

    Getting legal advice is also hard as these solicitors want big fees and even though you go to one with a no win no fee basis, they still want money.

    The deposit is £5,000 and I and other parents cannot get legal aid to help us.... even though our loved ones lost their lives.

    Thank you for responding
  15. Thank you for your response.....it is happening in most regiments yet we can do nothing about it as the regiments are protecting thieves.

    A question ; are you from Rhodesia? I used to live in Bulawayo