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Seems that people with brass and connections are still flying in and out
545 private jets landing in UK airfields since the lockdown was imposed last month. They have arrived from Spain (25), France (27) and Germany (32). A total of 15 private jets have also arrived from America,

and 15,000 passengers are arriving each day on normal flights with no testing carried out on arrival.
Farnborough seems to be popular for discreete flights in and out of the country

Dr Death

War Hero


War Hero
As this was in the Int Corps forum I thought this would be about Int Corps types...

The late Roo Rencher... - Hero
Capt Bill W... - Hero
WO2 Dixie... well, you get the idea

Capt Raspberry - erm, not a hero...
Brigadier **** NFM - see above

I am so disappointed...
@Fritzy is just trolling to see if anyone else from his generation is still alive.
@rebel_with_a_cause probably too out of his tree to remember.
just sit in the JSIO stands here with @Alec_Lomas eating my popcorn.
Ever since the Daily Mirror photographs on his watch, I have been unable to watch him or read any of his output. I believe he is an egotistical ‘look at me’ knob who loves the celebrity lifestyle and nothing he says or does will change that opinion. It is easy to lob verbal hand grenades at hapless Politicians.
...and his refusal to apologise for publishing the photos. While the British Army doesn't always do everything right, and sometimes deserves criticism, I can never tolerate the deliberate tarnishing of our reputation. Yes, "our". I'm no longer in it, but having been in it, good luck trying to get it out of me, or anyone else that's served.

I was very pleased to see that the worthless turd's US chat show was an abject failure.

Stephen Fry has his defects, but he had it right when he said "Countryside" means killing Piers Morgan :)
Watched a couple of minutes of the interview with Morgan and the tart beside him and the Health Secretary. Both Morgan and tart were asking questions then not allowing Hancock to answer. Almost as soon as he started they were jumping in and interrupting. Hancock, to his great credit just sat there and took it. If it had been me I would have told Morgan to wind his neck in and if he asked a question at least have the balls to listen to the answer. Turned over after a few minutes as I was getting a bit heated!
No Humans Involved.
Ford? No, can't be. That one would have made a reasonable LCpl, but only in his less angry, self-abusive moments.
would that be Brigadier Mitsubishi ? Any how what lockdown ?
Actually was it Brigadier Hillman Hunter or Ford Consul who asked for a glass of lemonade at the Sgts Mess cocktail party?

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Brig Vauxhall Corsa. His small and clearly underpowered tackle was outlined on his too-tight and unbemedalled messdress, and was noted by the bar staff to each other in disgracefully deprecating terms.

Brig B P*****t on the other hand, was a danger to health, in that he insisted on boozing until breakfast time, fully in the knowledge that while he had a cosy office to sleep in, the gallant WOs and Sgts had to do it in covert hideaways around the camp, fearful of discovery and apprehensive of angry wives.

Col C P, on the other hand, didn't give a feck, and carried on to applause and a few more rounds. Good man himself.

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