Heroes to be henpecked

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Josh Rosenroth, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Angus and Bruce are having a chat about who wears the big pants in their respective families.

    Angus:"Bruce, your wife Bonnie is the real boss of your familiy, isn't she?"

    Bruce:"Nope, we share the responsibilities. She commands the kids, me and the dog."

    Angus:"And what are you in charge of?"

    Bruce:"I command the plants and flowers."

    Bruce:"But Angus, your wife Amelie is the Commander-in-Chief in your marriage as well, right?

    Angus:"Well, she is only in charge of our family's finances, education and social affairs."

    Bruce:"And what are you in charge of?"

    Angus:"Well, as the political head of our family, I decide who will be our next prime minister!"
  2. Something must have got lost in the translation.
  3. He is scribbling this shit everywhere.
  4. Now that is funnier than the OP
  5. I prefer zee von with zee fallen Madonna vid zee big boobies.
  6. Now that one made me laff. :p
  7. It was quite a success here too. It must have been a nightmare for the translators, with all the double entendres and such.
  8. You mean these lovellies

  9. The Englishman that spoke bad French owes Mr D's avatar a few quid.

    Always liked those resistance girls with the trenchcoats and ankle socks myself.
  10. women like that were what the basque was invented for.... :)
  11. You lot were funnier when you were doing this:

    At least you wore silly trousers.
  12. My dog's got no nose!

    How does he smell?

    Pay attention, I just told you he has no nose...

    Now that is comedy gold.
  13. This is a genuine German joke........

    A couple are having "marital difficulties", so the wife goes to see a therapist who advises her to try to use her imagination to spice things up a bit. Anxious to follow this advice, she buys some hot, black lingerie and fishnets, and awaits her husband's return in the hall, stockinged leg draped provocatively over a chair, Marlene Dietrich style.

    Her husband finally comes home, but turns ashen faced when he sees her.

    "Oh no. You're dressed all in black. Has something happened to mother??"

    Funny as fuck...not.
  14. I would here and now like to thank the generation that saved us from the dominion of these people. I could take the leather shorts and little mustaches but the jokes!!!