Heroes Season 3

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by kc1982kc, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Availible now , just watched the first 2 episodes very interesting indeed theres a few spanners threw in the works ,
  2. I'll just wait the few days and catch it on Beeb 2.

    For all it is complete bunkum, it's quite entertaining - willing suspension of disbelief and all that.

    Series 1 was good - although I thought the ending was very anti-climactic considering the build-up they had given it.

    Series 2 was pretty poor, but I think that was due to the timing and writers strike in the US.

    I am still hoping for a swimsuit clad oil/lube fight between Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere. :p
  3. I had a sneak look and...mixed feelings really.

    It seems as if to compensate for the lacklustre season 2 they've gone down the route that Lost first took, lots and lots of convolution.

    Maybe that's a bit premature and it'll get better but it just doesn't seem to have that oomph the first season did.

    Will still be watching since there's bugger all else on, although Fringe is starting soon.
  4. The trouble with US shows like this, is the networks insist on such bloody long seasons. The plot gets thrashed to death and they either wind up decending in to total hokum or the network pulls the plug.... or both.

    Season two killed my interest in Heroes. It did the same for Lost and Jericho and, it looks like, the Sarah Connor Chronicles will go the same way.

    On the upside, I hear Dave are producing some new Red Dwarf episodes.
  5. I was disappointed in Season 2, but I'll still give Season 3 a try.

    It's not as if there's a a surifit of good programmes on a Wednesday night... :roll:
  6. Ohhh fantastic, I was wondering what to watch while waiting for season 5 of The Shield to arrive - thanks for the heads up.
  7. Burn Notice starts on FX this Sunday at 2100; it's about a Spook who is "burned" - his accounts are frozen and he is dumped in Miami and told he cannot leave until his superiors give him the all clear.

    Looks like it could be good, and it will help me with my Dexter-cold turkey. :D
  8. Yeah its a good show , he has different cilents each week and he's also trying to find who and why he was burned .
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    There are no rules in this series now. Nobody (main characters) can die if you give them Bennett blood, and if you can inject powers into anyone, you have the x-men scenario. It's all very rushed too, necessitated by the Writers' strike last season, so the pace is all wrong - too much to say in only a couple of early episodes. Sylar is captured again? Working for the Company? Its all a little stupid for me....why can't they just have a big bun fight and get it all over with...

    On the other hand, I am enjoying Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Unit Season 4 just premièred in the U.S. The former is lacking some attention to detail (able to drive a civilian Jeep stuffed full of weapons and explosives onto a U.S. Military school 'base', with no ID or passport, get enrolled in the school and your 'Uncle' gets offered a teaching job because he is 'Special Forces' (from the future, mind)).
  10. Wait til episode 4 re Sylar if you think its freaky now!!
  11. I'm totally lost - I thought Mrs Petrelli was dead at the end of the last series? Where's Adam? How did Peter get into the bald guy's body and who's pretending to be Peter? How did Nikki end up where she is? How can Nathan be running as if he was a new candidate when he'd been a presidential candidate? I feel like I've missed an entire series - can anyone explain?
  12. Adam is buried alive (for the moment, stay tuned)

    There are two Peters, one from the present sans scar one from the future with scar

    Nikki is dead thats not Nikki but her sister Tracy...

    Nathan has been given a second chance in politics after he was shot by "Future Peter" and lived... he is now a figure of hope to the American Public....
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Petrelli Woman was killed in the future I believe. It was Sulu who was thrown off the balcony.
    Adam is buried in a coffin 6 feet under in Japan.
    Peter was put in the bald man (RIP :) ) by future Peter.
    Nikki is not Nikki, she is someone else (cloning/genetic engineering obviously) called Traci. Nikki now resides in a box...
    Nathan was brought back by......yes, more Claire blood (or something). Future Peter shot him, because he was going to 'endanger all of us [speshial ones] in the future. This 'Company' appears to be able to make the World's rules up on the fly, hence the Presidential candidate failed nomination and now a Senator-ship.

    How is Linderman back though, that's what I want to know.

    If you are reading this and thinking What the fcuk - that's exactly what I am thinking and I have been watching it from the beginning. It's becoming ridiculous, and is only a few plot holes from being unwatchable. Even the comic relief Hiro is becoming an annoying coqk now.
  14. My bold is Linderman back if only Nathan can see him?
  15. Watched it last night fantastic am in love with Ali Larter : Nicci/Tracy