Heroes or Lunatics?

How long before every well dressed walt has one of these?

Only €30
Chuffin puffin, we've only just finished with the Baron and we've got a load of failed scab-lifters playing a similar game.

I suppose in this case so long as they aren't hurting themselves nor trying to pass off their (probably minimal) medical training as genuine super-duper ninja paramedic stuff, I'm not bothered.

Having said that, because I'm bored I think I'll apply for their position of Senior Field Officer as it appears to be vacant:SRG International

Watching Scrubs counts as a medical qualification right?
Apparently the nosher in blue is a Field Marshal.
Just had a flick through the web page links to the UK branch seem U/S shame could have some fun with them I have always wanted to be a Field Marshal may be we could form the British Arrse Branch
I'm a chubster with a wee goatee...can I join too?

now see my old dad once told me I'd never achive anything if I didn't work hard, how wrong was he with a simple internet connection,credit card and a few friends I can be a kinght and spend hours doing things to fair maidens so they can no longer legally claim to be fair or indeed maidens


Clearly, they are International Rescue Walts. They just use Malta instead of Tracy Island.


Just one of nthe many worthwhile and vital organisations worldwide, where'd we be without them? Reminds of the Salvation Army SWAT Team (Motto "Ego sum a tristis pinguis deus diligo") and indeed Johhny's Ambulance Troop ("Vacuus fossor in caput capitis"). It even brings tears to my eyes to read of an SRG veteran, who tripped over his medals last week. Unconfirmed reports say he fell on his sword like a giant cocktail sausage.

Sadly, the SRG have been returned to barracks as of yesterday, their funding withdrawn after brutal government cuts. They bravely refused to soldier on with just a box of plasters and gaffer tape. The staff of the Sun Valley Nut Sanctuary welcomed them with open arms and medication. Facility Director Walter Nobcatcher had this touching tribute "We're pleased to have them all back, our windows are so dirty we can't afford cleaners....we missed their happy scrunging on the glass" and "Just tell everyone I never get my weenie out on FaceAche".

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