"Heroes Every One" - Daily Mail article

[url=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=387033&in_page_id=1770&in_a_source=][color=blue][size=9](c)[/size] Daily Mail [i](Sarah Sands)[/i][/color][/url] said:
When British soldiers took control of Basra three years ago, they wandered the streets receiving flowers from local children and grateful handshakes from their parents.

Now an Iraqi mob exults over British deaths and our soldiers patrol in heavy armour, seeing a roadside bomb in every mound of earth. Back at the barracks, in temperatures of 50C, they rehearse repatriation ceremonies for the British dead.
See link for full article.
Wow! What a find, Dozy Bint.

Absolutely marvellous stuff! It's good to see somebody taking the trouble to get it right for a change!

I hope as many people as possible read that article and gain some real insight. Instead of the usual "Scum" headlines "Ex-soldier robs bank" shite. Then you read that he was a STAB for three weeks.
How come we never read thing like "Ex-carpet-layer robs bank"?



Book Reviewer
Good read although the constant interchangeability between 'English' and 'British' & 'England' and 'Britain' rankled more than a little. They aren't synonyms FFS (unless I'm sadly misinformed and only English soldiers have been killed, of course?)
Humphrey_De_Tiluel said:
he has the look of Aslan about him — a head apparently carved from a mountain, lake-grey eyes and the voice of Michael Gambon
think someone has a moist spot for the PoD?
I did think that when I first read the article, but I thought I'd let it pass... :D

To me, a couple of things in this article stood out: the comment about the difference in reactions of civvies and squaddies to the casualties and the comment about the fact that the Yanks have obvious support from the people at home. What the author could have mentioned at this stage is that members of the public without a direct contact in the military cannot any longer send letters to "A. Soldier, Iraq" and people who support our service personnel, even if they don't directly support the war aren't going to stage "Support Our Squaddies" marches in London.

Over all, I thought the article was thoughtful and positive, hence posting it here for your consumption.
Great article, Ms. Sands is quality.

On a lighter note:

'Is it civil war here?' I ask an Ulster police officer working undercover in Basra.
Constable McVeigh, 6'4 with a gingery 'tache walks into the local souk wearing flowing robes and size twelve boots, looking for a pint of Harp and a Bushmills chaser.

"salaam, so it is," He says. :D
Yeah I read that, a few pages before it was about Prince William in Sandhurst and security being beefed up and slap bang in the middle of those two was a piece about Euan Blair sloping off a US Congress internship becuase he couldn't be arrsed

Its alright for some innit ?
That's right wellyhead, I read the article in the paper edition before looking it up online. Dad and I ripped to pieces the article on Sandhurst and I completely skipped over the Blair-offspring one, not wanting to pollute my brain with any more knowledge about that odious family than is absolutely essential. I bet the media editors are still sniggering about the nanosecond of excitement and joy they brought us the other day with the headlines of Blair quits! :roll:
Excellent article. People DO give a damn chaps!
Quality article.
The silent majority of the public are damn proud of the troops, as always, and always will be.
Unfortunately it just takes an odious politician to taint things.
Ora best lads. :D
Carcass said:
Excellent article. People DO give a damn chaps!
I agree with you on the article. However - she may give a damn but as this type of article are few and far between, I don't believe that the vast majority of the journos do.

As they are, like it or not, the major influencers' on the UK publics ideas about us, the silent majority of public support that Jockodile speaks about is a nice idea, but frankly is too silent these days for me to believe it.

These days I don't think people give a toss about us unless it is, yet again, to put the boot in. This article is but a pleasant aberration. :(
Good find Dozy , i think Brig Mayall is being very modest , he i an outstanding officer , the best CO a unit could
wish for , loved his lads . As for Iraq , well we just get on with it , its an old line but its our job.
A refreshingly non-bollox article.

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